National Floors Direct Explains the Growing Popularity of Gray Flooring

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National Floors Direct says that gray hardwood flooring, gray tile flooring, and gray stone flooring are all trending options. The company, which specializes in both residential and commercial flooring, offers insight into why gray is the shade of choice for many clients and provides insight into how to pick the flooring option that will be the best long-term fit for a home or business.

Convenience is a leading reason why gray flooring is so popular. It matches any type of furnishing, be it wood, glass, metal, or a combination of one or more of these materials. It also works well with existing furnishings of all shades and colors. As an added benefit, gray flooring conceals dirt to make it easy for homeowners to keep the home looking great, even if they can’t get around to sweeping the floors every day.

The fact that gray flooring is available in multiple shades, patterns, and materials is another plus, National Floors Direct explains. Those who want a natural stone floor can install marble, slate, or soapstone flooring to give a room a natural feel and ambiance. Gray carpeting, with or without patterns, is an excellent option for any home that wants a warm feeling. As an added benefit, carpeting helps to soundproof an area and protect children and senior citizens who could hurt themselves falling on a hard stone floor. Alternatively, those who want the natural beauty that wood offers can purchase gray laminate, engineered hardwood, or luxury vinyl tile flooring that looks just like genuine hardwood. What’s more, these types of flooring are, unlike hardwood, impervious to water damage and can be installed in any homeroom, including the kitchen and bathroom.

National Floors Direct emphasizes that no shade of gray flooring is inherently better than all others. Rather, the company encourages home and business owners to consider the size of the area, existing furnishings, natural lighting, desired look or feel of the home or business, and budget to find the flooring that best meets their needs and budget. Light gray flooring is ideal for a small space as it makes a room appear brighter and larger than it would otherwise. Dark gray, on the other hand, emits an elegant vibe and can be ideal for a home with an elegant style of decor or an upscale business.

National Floors Direct offers a high standard of customer service, providing a free on-site consultation to help business owners and homeowners pick the flooring shade and pattern that would best meet their current and future needs. What’s more, the firm has a reputation for offering the lowest possible prices and providing additional services such as free premium padding for carpeting and free furniture moving for added customer convenience. By teaming up to work with a professional, one can rest assured that the end result will be one they will enjoy for years to come.

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