Residential News


Fed Imposes Another Interest Rate Hike

The Federal Reserve continues its fight against worsening inflation in the United States as the Fed decides to increase interest rates again. This hike, however, is smaller than


How the Feds Affect Market Prices

The Federal Reserve, in its century-long establishment, has been a significant player in setting the mood of the stock market and market prices. As the country battles with


House Sales were down in November

The National Association of Realtors reported that home sales dipped 7.7% in November. Analysts expected house sales to reach around 4.17 million units sold. However, in November, sellers


Texas: Deadly ice storm sweeps the south

… From Tennessee to Texas, approximately 40 million people in the south-central United States are on high alert for winter weather. Some areas are already experiencing freezing rain,

Rent Continues

Rent continues to surge albeit at a slower pace

… Rent: Single-family homes and apartment rent continue to surge, but they have been doing so at an extensively slow pace. Meanwhile, inflation is squeezing consumers while landlords