Residential News

Policy Foundations for Real Estate Revival

India’s real estate sector is experiencing a robust recovery, marked by increased investment in physical assets, a preference for larger residential spaces, and a growing demand for office


Fed Imposes Another Interest Rate Hike

The Federal Reserve continues its fight against worsening inflation in the United States as the Fed decides to increase interest rates again. This hike, however, is smaller than

Eco Friendly

Eco-friendly Homes are Becoming Popular in the US

With steeper utility costs and worsening inflation, many citizens in the United States are considering eco-friendly and safe strategies like solar-powered homes and heat pumps. Josh Hurwitz from


How the Feds Affect Market Prices

The Federal Reserve, in its century-long establishment, has been a significant player in setting the mood of the stock market and market prices. As the country battles with


House Sales were down in November

The National Association of Realtors reported that home sales dipped 7.7% in November. Analysts expected house sales to reach around 4.17 million units sold. However, in November, sellers