Bridge The Gap With Mission PLC, A Nationwide Savior Solving Insurance Claims

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Father-son duo Tim and Tom Simmons, the Managing Members at Mission Property Loss Consultants (Mission PLC), understand how frustrating it can be to deal with insurance claims after facing any devastating catastrophe. To combat this, Mission PLC poured its passion into helping professionals manage their customer’s insurance claims by ensuring all documents are effectively and efficiently signed, sealed, and delivered. With success after success, discover what makes the first nationwide on-site inspection and estimating firm a leader in their field.


Without warning, Mother Nature’s creative and controlling force can unleash extraordinary weather conditions, leaving extensive storm damage to the buildings we regard as sacred. Nowadays, anything is possible, from high winds and flying debris to hurtling hurricanes and severe thunderstorms.


Yet, storm damage is usually the most common type currently faced by homes, buildings, and other structures. To parallel this, billions of dollars of storm-related damage claims are filed yearly, depending on severity of weather events. 


When following a storm incident, one can expect expert civil and structural engineers or even external personnel to perform thorough and accurate inspections of properties for storm-related damages to determine its cause, origin, and extent.


Instead, there has been an influx of frustration, tears, and regret when homeowners and professionals are stuck in insurance’s muddy waters. Today insurance companies are making it extremely difficult to settle claims. 


Why? Because not only do they deny roof damage with apparent storm destruction, they place their community members on withering waiting lists – even when devastated homeowners are left with nearly nothing – leaving money on the table.


Whether commercial, residential, or industrial, it requires someone with understanding and technique to help their customer calculate the damage left behind {with a proper estimate scope} after a disaster has struck.  


For companies that own and manage real property, assessing damage can be a challenge. Property management companies, facility management companies, condo associations, and companies that maintain real property often have handymen or maintenance staff to help assess capital improvements or storm damage. But for various reasons, maintenance staff are overworked, have high turnover, and need more specific knowledge to assess roofing, window, exterior, and interior items and associated costs. Not to mention the intricacies of understanding what is “storm related damage” and what it really looks like. 


“Insurance-based claims are not always in everybody’s wheelhouse of expertise,” explains the managing member of Mission Property Loss Consultants (Mission PLC), Tim Simmons. “They may be very good at making repairs and doing restoration. But they may not be quite as adept at navigating the current state of the claims industry.”


Described as a “brain drain,” this experience is something that Tom Simmons {Tim’s beloved son and business partner} believes has been occurring in the insurance companies’ claims department throughout the past 10 years. 


“The first-level adjusters have little to no knowledge of construction and/or policy,” Tom explains. “They often misrepresent or misinterpret the policy or just flat out misidentify the damage. Very few are equipped with the knowledge to properly assess, document, write an estimate, and interpret the policy. Insurance companies have their claims process very segregated and fragmented for plausible deniability.”


To help combat this narrative, in 2022 Tim Simmons joined in lock-step with his son, Tom, to further Mission PLC’s focus and never looked back. 


Tom Simmons has an extensive background in insurance adjusting. He has worked on insurance claims for over three dozen different insurance carriers and has handled and settled approximately 15,000 claims over his adjusting career.


While Tim Simmons has spent the last sixteen years as an insurance field adjuster, manager, and executive in the insurance industry and a further 25 years working in the residential and

commercial construction field, it’s clear that the father-son duo are well-equipped to handle anything.


Mission PLC is a loss consulting team of industry experts “committed to conducting unbiased, accurate, and forensic-type investigations” for other leading professionals nationwide.


“Several firms out there have the same focus, but they cater to the insurance companies,” explains Tom. “On the other hand, we strive to serve contractors, policyholders, attorneys, and public adjusters, with no other interest but to advocate for them and their customers.” 


From on-site inspections, estimating, damage appraisal, umpire services, solar surveying, and third-party supplementing services, Mission PLC is equipped to provide comprehensive advice and guidance on storm losses (hurricanes, hail, wind, floods, and fires), wear and tear, to age and improper installation. 


With a team effort of over 400 years of experience, “contractors can either turn to their guidance to fill the legal gaps, or attorneys can lean on their precision in assessing damage in the field.” Their mission-focused love for serving allows all parties to continue focusing on what they are good at: saving time and energy, and doing the best they can for their clients in need.


The team is proud to have a 10X growth in the last six months, having estimated more than $3 billion in damages. “We also are utilized to settle disputes between insurance companies and their policyholders in a property damage appraisal,” share the team. 


“We perform these inspections for airports, high-rises, mid-rises, multi-family homes, office buildings, mixed-use commercial, resorts, industrial, hotels, schools, municipality buildings, retail locations, and single-family home residential locations.”


“Accuracy is critical,” Tim Simmons says. “These situations can significantly impact a family or business and set them back for years financially. So it’s very critical that it’s there, that it’s substantiated. And that is presented sometimes in redundancy.”


The dynamic duo also co-authored Secrets of Insurance Claims, a book that empowers millions to tap into the industry’s knowledge box like never before.


For more information, visit Mission PLC’s website here Or, for a free gift, text the word “Mission” to 26786. 


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