Aubrey Chandler: From Hollywood Glam to Real Estate Mogul

Aubrey Chandler: From Hollywood Glam to Real Estate Mogul
Photo Courtesy: Aubrey Chandler

Aubrey Chandler, a multi-talented and creative individual, has seamlessly navigated the diverse realms of entertainment, photography, private aviation, and real estate. Her journey from Tampa to Miami has been nothing short of remarkable as she carved a path through the glitz of Hollywood and the high-flying world of private aviation to emerge as a visionary connector and business leader.

Aubrey Chandler‘s journey began with a focus on acting and modeling, but her foray into photography proved to be a game-changer. Her lens has captured the essence of Oscar-winning talents and A-list celebrities, gracing  covers and pages of renowned publications such as People, Rolling Stone, and Marie Claire. Notable career highlights include her photography work with Shaquille O’Neil. Working for greats such as Chayanne, Ricky Martin, Alicia Keys, and Snoop Dogg in the business world of aviation. As well as her collaboration with Hollywood producers that landed her work on a massive billboard in Times Square.

Beyond her achievements in photography, Aubrey’s success in the area of private aviation is proof of her ability to cultivate relationships with some of the world’s  affluent individuals. Her transition to real estate has seen her leveraging these connections to elevate her clients to new heights, with recent accomplishments including orchestrating her client’s debut on the prestigious TED Talks platform.

Aubrey Chandler‘s journey has not been without challenges, with trust being a recurring theme. Overcoming the impact of childhood trauma and learning to navigate the intricacies of trust has been a significant part of her personal and professional growth. Inspired by her stepmother,and best friend Dixie Grinstead, Aubrey has found invaluable guidance and support, recognizing the importance of surrounding oneself with genuine and positive influences. 

When talking about her life’s learning, Aubrey stated, “I have learned throughout life this very quote holds true. You are who you associate with. When you surround yourself with incredibly positive, driven, successful people- they will push you  to reach higher goals.”

Looking forward, Aubrey Chandler is setting her sights on elevating her brand to unprecedented levels. She is currently developing a pilot project that uniquely blends her multifaceted expertise in acting, photography, and business. This initiative aims to not only showcase her dynamic capabilities but also to significantly boost her brand’s visibility and influence. Aubrey’s primary objective with this venture is to highlight the transformative power of her brand, demonstrating its capacity to inspire and empower other entrepreneurs. She stresses the critical role that trust, authentic relationships, and strategic partnerships play in cultivating business success.

Aubrey’s extensive knowledge of interior design and her experience as an investor are instrumental in her foray into the real estate industry. These skills equip her with a unique perspective and a deep understanding of the market, enabling her to identify and capitalize on opportunities that others might overlook. By merging her creative talents with her business acumen, Aubrey is poised to make significant contributions to the field of real estate, offering innovative solutions and fostering growth.

As she advances her career, Aubrey Chandler is committed to leveraging her diverse background to create a lasting impact. Her endeavors are not just about personal success but about setting a precedent for how versatile skills and genuine connections can lead to substantial achievements in business and beyond. Through her upcoming projects and strategic initiatives, Aubrey aims to reinforce the value of interdisciplinary expertise and collaboration in achieving professional excellence and industry leadership.


Published By: Aize Perez

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