A POWER PARTNERSHIP Changing The Future! “Winston Dane Luxury Real Estate” & Shield Smart Homes

Winston Dane Luxury Real Estate
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Sean Herndon and Wendy Atherton, the power couple behind Winston Dane’s Luxury Real Estate firm have teamed up with the Southeast’s leading Solar Energy brand “Shield Smart Homes” to create an unbeatable partnership Located in Lake Norman and Mount Holly, North Carolina respectively, the two teams have created a Power Partnership that is permanently changing the North Carolina Real Estate Market.

Sean and Wendy are former corporate executives from Boston who moved to Charlotte in 2015 to continue their careers in Corporate America. However, their passion for real estate investing led Sean to get his real estate license in 2017, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Their innovative approach to this Power Partnership includes a tech-savvy marketing strategy, deep analytics, and white-glove service, has been a game-changer in the luxury Real Estate market.

In fact, their business strategy has been so successful that they have annually doubled their market  success and are now implementing those same strategies to bringing Solar Energy savings to their clients.

They are on track to double that again in 2023. With their extensive experience, innovative techniques, and technology-forward approach, Wendy and Sean are the best in the luxury real estate market in the Greater Charlotte and Lake Norman area.

“At Winston Dane Keller Williams, we operate with integrity and provide the best outcomes and services to clients regardless of their price point, but we are more active in the higher end of the market,” says Wendy. “We take a luxury marketing approach and provide a luxury experience. By using innovative techniques and technology, we get our properties in front of the right buyers and promote aggressively to out-of-state buyers moving to the Charlotte and Lake Norman area. We also excel at analytics and negotiations, presenting ourselves as consultants and educators, not just door-openers.”

“With the amount of interest we generate in our market, a new agent should be able to sell a minimum of 24 houses in 2023,” says Wendy. “We built systems from scratch that are scalable and work to deliver effective messaging.  Adding such a powerful partner in Shield Smart Homes as our exclusive Solar Energy provider has been vital to new market success”

Their passion for real estate is not just about making a profit. Sean is on the Housing Committee for the town of Cornelius, and both he and Wendy are active in the community. “We are selling the lifestyle here, and it’s our responsibility to do well by our community,” says Wendy. “Being able to grab a glass of red wine and take the boat out for a sunset cruise on Lake Norman is truly a luxury!”

At Winston Dane Keller Williams, Sean and Wendy are not just selling houses; they are selling a luxury lifestyle. If you’re in the market for a luxury home in the Lake Norman area, look no further than Sean Herndon and Wendy Atherton.

Partnering with Shield Smart Homes has provided multiple benefits and opportunities for their clients. The homeowner benefits of such a partnership include immediate 30% Tax Credit Eligibility, increased property value, eliminating monthly utility bills for property owners and creative marketing strategies.

In short, partnering their real estate company with a winning Solar Formula their partner’s at Shield Smart Homes have created can benefit both parties and their clients. They can work together to promote sustainable and profitable properties, increase property values, and provide financial benefits for property owners and tenants. They can also create unique and creative marketing opportunities to attract a wider audience and generate positive publicity. Partnering with Shield Smart Homes has set Winston Dane apart from it’s competitors by providing a distinctive and eco-friendly service to their clients.

With nearly one million solar energy systems installed on residential rooftops across the country, buying or selling a solar home is getting more and more common. Just like a renovated kitchen or a finished basement increases a home’s value, solar has been shown to boost home valuation and shorten a home …”

“Partnerships are critical when income-generating assets are involved, such as real estate. The right partnership will premeditate any number of issues that could occur with a real estate business. Further, a partnership agreement will tell both parties how to act if anything ever happens.”

Wendy and Sean operate with integrity and provide the best outcomes and services to clients regardless of their price point, but they are more active in the higher end of the market. They take a luxury marketing approach and provide a luxury experience, using innovative techniques and technology to get their properties in front of the right buyers. Two-thirds of their buyers are from out-of-state. They also excel at analytics and negotiations, presenting themselves as consultants and educators.

“The ability to buy, sell and market homes with solar energy is important to homeowners who have invested in the technology is priceless!  Additionally, knowing and explaining the contractual and financial considerations for buyers and sellers as it relates to solar panels is a shortcoming among many agents.  By partnering with a company like Shield Smart Homes, we are able to stay current on the latest technologies and refer to a partner who embodies our values.”

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