Elevating Spaces: The Art of Interior Design with Charlie’s Designs LLC

The Art of Interior Design with Charlie's Designs LLC
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With a career spanning over three decades, Charlie Bolivar at Charlie’s Designs LLC has cemented his reputation as a luminary in the field, creating spaces that are not just aesthetically pleasing but are embodiments of his client’s visions and personalities. His membership with the Interior Design Society (IDS) and approvals from Houzz, along with collaborations with prestigious furniture design companies and major furniture stores in the U.S., underscores his commitment to excellence and innovation in interior design.

A Legacy of Design Excellence

Charlie’s Designs LLC is more than just a design firm; it’s a testament to Charlie’s dedication to the craft of transforming spaces. With projects that span across the United States, Charlie has mastered the art of marrying classic contemporary interiors with the unique demands of each space, whether it’s a cozy home, a business setting, or a grand special event. His services extend beyond mere aesthetics, offering comprehensive solutions that include professional interior design, architectural interior design, and project management, such as some of those discussed below.

Interior Design Services

Charlie’s Designs LLC provides interior design services for residential and commercial spaces, from small projects to very large projects. They provide free estimates – and the contractors they work with are all licensed and insured. Their initial consultation with a new client typically includes a detailed discussion to understand what clients will be using the space for, what their style preferences are, their favorite colors, etc. Charlie keeps all of this in mind when he develops his proposed design.

Residential Design

No job is too small. Charlie’s Designs LLC does all sizes – from designing efficient layouts and maximizing space for small studios to designing interiors for large homes or businesses. Each project provides its own challenges that are then turned into opportunities to help make their design unique. They usually work with a client’s style and tastes to design a beautiful bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room, dining room, or office space (or an entire home!) at very affordable prices.

The Art of Interior Design with Charlie's Designs LLC

Photo Courtesy: Charlie A. Bolivar


Sometimes, it takes a fresh pair of eyes to see what may be getting in the way of realizing the maximum profit from the sale of your home. For a small fee, Charlie’s Designs LLC will decorate your home or business using your existing furniture and accessories. They can also add a few pieces to highlight the possibilities in your home to attract buyers and help you maximize the selling price.

The Art of Interior Design with Charlie's Designs LLC

Photo Courtesy: Charlie A. Bolivar


This is a new category that Charlie’s Designs LLC has added to their business. For a small investment, they will go to your home/apartment or business and design it to sell. You may be able to significantly increase the value through their paint and design choices. Projects can be as simple as painting your interior space or as complex as redesigning your entire home or business. They will showcase your property and help you maximize your selling price.

The Art of Interior Design with Charlie's Designs LLC

Photo Courtesy: Charlie A. Bolivar / @brewsterhome

The Charlie’s Designs LLC Difference

What sets Charlie’s Designs LLC apart is not just the quality of work or the accolades but the personalized approach Charlie takes with each project. Understanding that each space tells a story, he meticulously crafts designs that reflect the individuality of his clients while pushing the boundaries of creativity and functionality. This client-centric approach, combined with a relentless pursuit of excellence, makes Charlie’s Designs LLC a beacon of innovation in interior design.

As Charlie Bolivare continues to shape the future of interior spaces, his legacy is one of passion, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to elevating the human experience through design. 

Charlie’s Designs LLC is not just designing spaces; it’s redefining the very essence of what it means to create a place called home or a business. www.charlies-designs.com


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