Serial Entrepreneur Ty Woods Empowers Small Businesses and Education Through Innovation and Philanthropy

TY Woods
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Ty Woods, a remarkable serial entrepreneur, business coach, investor, and spiritual leader, is making waves in the business world with her unwavering commitment to bridging the gap between education and business. Through her various ventures, she has not only achieved remarkable success but has also dedicated herself to giving back to her community and empowering others, particularly small businesses led by women and people of color. 

Ty Woods, along with her husband, founded Artportunity Knocks Inc., a nonprofit organization providing STEM and Arts Education to students across the nation. Drawing from her own experiences and witnessing the impact of dyslexia and limited educational resources on her relatives, Ty recognized the profound connection between education and success. Consequently, all of her business platforms integrate an educational component, offering classes, workshops, and one-on-one mentoring opportunities. 

With an MBA from Coles College of Business and a Bachelor’s in Business Management from Life University, Ty Woods possesses the knowledge and expertise to make a meaningful impact. Her businesses have generated millions of dollars in revenue, yet her true measure of success lies in the positive change she brings to her church and local causes. As she continues to expand her government contracting sectors, real estate rental portfolio, and on-demand education platforms, her brands have gained both national and international recognition. 

“I wanted to be the type of person who didn’t just talk about the problem; I wanted to provide solutions,” says Ty Woods, emphasizing her dedication to addressing critical issues faced by BIPOC individuals. Recognizing the disenfranchisement and lack of access faced by these communities in the areas of business, investing, and education, Ty has become a champion for leveling the playing field. 

Her expertise in landing corporate partnerships and fundraising for nonprofits has brought in collaborations with renowned companies such as Target, American Family Insurance, and PayPal, to name just a few. Through her work, she aspires to empower small businesses and create opportunities for underrepresented entrepreneurs. 

As an African-American woman, Ty Woods has faced her fair share of challenges, from limited access to funding opportunities to negative self-perception. She has confronted these hurdles head-on and emerged stronger, determined to instill self-love and appreciation in others. By embracing her own worth as a believer in Christ, a friend, and a mother, Ty has attracted like-minded individuals who are eager to join her in making a positive impact. 

“I believe in the power of self-love and self-appreciation,” Ty Woods states. “When we recognize our own value, we can overcome any obstacle and achieve greatness.” 

In addition to her remarkable professional journey, Ty Woods finds joy in traveling, lecturing, and devouring business articles. She is a published author, with her book “Compact Guide: 14 Ways to Make $1,000 A Month During A Pandemic” offering valuable insights and strategies for financial success. 

To learn more about Ty Woods and her inspiring journey, visit her website at Stay connected with her latest updates and insights by following her on Instagram at @tywoodsgetgrants. 


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