Or Dori of Vacation Rental Company Luxuri is Ready to Help Clients Through Miami’s Upcoming Peak Season

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by Darby Jones

As the rest of the United States is preparing for colder months ahead, Miami is getting ready for its peak season that lasts throughout the winter. People begin heading south towards the end of the year to avoid cold weather in other parts of the country, and the vacation rental market becomes more challenging to navigate. 

Miami-Dade County ranks in the top 20 percent of the most expensive short-term rental markets in the United States, according to Cohostit. With the pandemic over the past two years, even more people have headed to the Magic City, only increasing occupancy even more. To put this in perspective, the occupancy rate for AirBnbs in Miami pre-pandemic was over 50 percent, however, that rate rose to 83 percent in December 2020. These occupancy rates have remained high even as the pandemic has slowed.

During this peak season, it can be difficult to find a vacation rental that meets all of your needs and preferences. Many properties book up quickly, and competition for the best rentals can be fierce. This is where the expertise of a vacation rental company like Luxuri can be invaluable. With a team of seasoned professionals like Or Dori, Luxuri is well-equipped to help you find the perfect vacation rental in Miami. Whatever style of luxury villa you are looking for, Luxuri has a wide range of properties to choose from, all of which are carefully selected and meticulously maintained to ensure that you have a comfortable and enjoyable stay. So if you’re planning a trip to Miami this winter, don’t hesitate to contact Luxuri to help you find the perfect vacation rental.

With the high demand of the Miami rental market, it is vital to have a trustworthy team to help find the best possible deals. Or Dori is an instrumental part of the team at Luxuri, a Miami-based vacation rental and property management company. The company was founded by Jonathan Campau, but Dori is now the second-in-command at Luxuri.

Dori began his journey with Luxuri as a property manager, and he was in charge of ensuring all properties were up-to-par with Luxuri’s standards and making sure that all properties were appropriately priced. He was a key player in making sure that the investors were satisfied with their profits as he maximized the property’s revenue without increasing the owner’s expenses. 

However, Dori quickly rose through the ranks at Luxuri and moved into a more multifaceted role, in which he is able to exercise all of his strengths. Dori was raised in Miami, so he is extremely in touch with the culture of the city and has developed strong relationships with people at many of Miami’s hottest spots — Papi Steak, LIV, E11EVEN, Mr. Jones and more. Dori also helps clients book luxury car rentals, yacht days, or any other activity that the client may be interested in. 

Dori’s extensive knowledge of the Miami vacation rental market and his strong connections in the city make him an invaluable resource for clients looking to book the perfect vacation rental. Dori can help you find the perfect Miami villa to suit your needs and budget. He is dedicated to ensuring that every client has a memorable and stress-free vacation, and his personalized service and attention to detail set him apart from other vacation rental companies. If you’re planning a trip to Miami, don’t hesitate to reach out to Dori and the team at Luxuri to help make your vacation dreams a reality.

Dori has also helped build out Luxuri’s social media presence, overall digital marketing strategy, and online footprint as a whole. He also helped lead the initiative to build out an app and perfect the Luxuri website. As a primary leader at the company, he is sure to keep making waves for years to come.

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