Disruptive and New, Nobody Studios Diversifies the Startup Economy by Funding Ideas From All Corners of the World

As society and its technology progresses, the fabric of how companies are built has evolved alongside it. This means that traditional ways of establishing startups and investing in projects are on their way down the drain to replace more efficient techniques. One of these disruptive ventures is growing at an impressive 645% rate over the last six years and is called a venture studio.

Venture studios have one goal: to address the gap left by accelerators, incubators, and venture capital all at once. To do so, they create an organization that solely focuses on building successful early-stage startups. 

Nobody Studios, in particular, has gotten closer to mastering this trade’s art. But, while they’re one of the youngest contenders in the market, they’ve already managed to make a name for themselves. They’ve been chosen as one of the few venture studios featured in a list of Top 10 Venture Studios for 2023, which has the industry sit up and notice them.

With the aspiration to “create 100 compelling companies over the next five years”, Nobody Studios has worked its way to the top by collaborating with prominent and high-caliber investors such as former executives of Mohegan Sun, American Airlines, Volkswagen, Coca-Cola, and Facebook. In addition, they’ve also piqued the interest of 6 bestselling authors and other successful entrepreneurs.

Despite their impressive list of big-name clients, the revolutionary minds behind Nobody Studios believe innovation exists outside of some stuffy, old executive VC offices. “We believe the next great idea is probably coming from a 12-year-old girl in India playing Minecraft on her couch right now,” Chief Marketing Officer of Nobody Studios, Kyle Kane, explains. “Nobody Studios exists to democratize the world of venture studios by showing how profitable it is to source diverse ideas from every corner of the globe.”

In order to realize this vision, the venture studio is allowing investors to claim their stake in every company that Nobody Studios create for as little as $100 – and it’s a one-time investment, too. They want to ensure that investors can own a piece of the next great company “no matter your credit score, income level, or family history.”

While the current venture capital system has become complacent and stagnant, Nobody Studios has decided to innovate by retaining the best parts of this old model to merge it with the new and improved crowdfund model. They are taking the ability to pause, merge, and kill companies to make them as competitive as possible and add to the democratization of the company creation process. This inevitably allows any person to participate in the process of building the next great company, opening up doors to a more diverse range of input and collaboration.

As Nobody Studios provides opportunities to people from all walks of life, the company also promotes the flourishing growth of the venture capital industry in a way that is new and divergent from out-of-date practices. Join in on their journey, as they solve the world’s problems one company at a time.

Learn more about how to join Nobody Studios in their Republic crowdfunding campaign here:


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