Bringing Art to Life: Meri Goldstein’s Use of Contemporary Pieces in her Latest UWS Project

Meri Goldstein
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Meri Goldstein is a Berlin-born designer who has taken the New York City interior design scene by storm. Her passion for design was ignited at a young age, thanks to her father’s work as a successful lighting designer, which gave her constant exposure to aesthetic innovation. After briefly studying business management in Berlin, Meri followed her true calling and moved to New York City in 2017 to attend the School of Interior Design.

Meri’s unique approach to design draws inspiration from her semester-long study of Bauhaus, emphasizing modern elegance with just a touch of minimalism. 

Meri’s work has gained recognition in the design community, and she has recently completed a project for a residence on the Upper West Side with breathtaking views of Downtown Manhattan, Billionaires Row, and the Hudson River. One of her ongoing projects is for an incredible three-bedroom, three-bathroom Upper East Side penthouse unit which overlooks Central Park, Downtown, and the East River.

For Meri Goldstein’s current project on the UWS, she had the pleasure of working with her friend and art advisor, Jessica Tatievski. Jessica introduced Meri to a fantastic gallery based in Los Angeles that also has a showroom in New York, specializing in upcoming new artists and contemporary art. 

They scanned around 200 works of art before making a selection, ultimately choosing pieces from various artists, including Gracie Devito, daughter of Hollywood comedian, actor, and producer Denny Devito.

 Gracie’s piece, Purple Land and Sky, 2017, was chosen for the foyer to make a true statement, along with other art from artists such as Joey Wolf, Larissa Lockshin, Sydney Cortright, Elizabeth Ibarra, Boramie Ann Sao, Stefan Heyer, and sculptural objects from Zachary Armstrong. By using a variety of art, Meri brought the space to life, adding pops of color and texture to the apartment’s overall design, which was somewhat muted and neutral.

In addition to her interior design work, Meri is also part of a German TV series that will be aired on VOX, one of the most extensive TV networks in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Meri was approached by a producer from Germany who had the idea of producing a show about young entrepreneurs from Germany who have left to pursue their dream in the United States.

 The show consists of multiple episodes, each focusing on one city, including New York, LA, Miami, and Vegas. Meri was chosen, along with three other individuals, to be in the New York special. The episode follows Meri’s day-to-day life as an interior designer, showcasing her appointments with clients and showrooms and joining her on-site visits to her current projects.

Meri’s bold decision to pursue her passion for design in a new country has paid off, and she has created a name for herself in the New York City interior design scene. With her unique approach to design and her passion for creating spaces that tell a story, Meri is sure to continue making a significant impact in the industry.

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