Leading A Life Of Greatness, Micah McQueen Is Here To Impact As Many People As Possible

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The world could use a lot more compassion, love, kindness, and empathy for both ourselves and people. Regardless of what industry you’re in, there is always room for these characteristics to be displayed and encouraged, and Micah McQueen is one individual who knows the impact it can have. Leading all areas of his life with the mindset to help others, McQueen is here to show the power of purpose. 

Have you ever come across an individual and instantly know they’re capable of greatness? Maybe it’s the way they carry themself or the smile on their face. Whatever the reason, it sticks with you. Well, I certainly have, and that person is Micah McQueen

Sitting down with him, the first thing catching my attention is his crisp white shirt, the epitome of the energy he radiates – kind and empathetic. 

Through his dual roles as Vice President of Priority Roofing, and pioneer of the Austin branch – the number one branch for the last two years, his day-to-day role is one of leadership. And this is where McQueen stands out among those in upper-level management. Being a leader is one thing, but being a great leader is something else entirely. But only a few can develop and hone this skill, an innate characteristic for McQueen.

“I often use this analogy,” he begins upon my asking how he inspires his team to be high achievers. “I’m the oldest of four brothers; we compete in everything sports-related. But at the end of the day, even though we compete and want to beat each other, we’re still friends and family and I still love to see the success of my brothers,” he conveys. 

The strong foundation of love and support gained from his family provided McQueen with the ability to carry those same traits into everything he does. “I try to really foster that same type of culture within our office,” he says. 

Before McQueen joined the sales industry, his perspective of the world changed drastically during his time traveling. 

“I spent a lot of my twenties traveling; I’ve been to roughly 35 countries. And during that time I did a lot of work with nonprofits such as orphanages in Africa,” he discusses, but “the most life-changing moment was the moment right before my travels. Having a moment in my faith and relationship with God and love for humanity was where I really decided, ‘I want to make a difference in the world’.” 

In a sublime instant, he saw his higher purpose as if it were written in stone – to honor God and be the best person he can be. And since that transformative day, McQueen has never stopped pursuing his purpose. 

“I think a lot of those experiences have equipped me to really have empathy for people that come from different situations and environments and to do what I do now which is to manage a lot of different people, a lot of different personalities, and a lot of different backgrounds,” he explains. 

Today, he leads his team at Priority Roofing with integrity and compassion backed by his God-given purpose. And he ensures that his people are taken care of and set up for success in all areas of life. 

What makes Priority Roofing unique when compared to others is how they treat their people. Prioritizing each team member is a core value for all Priority Roofing branches with comprehensive training, onboarding, and a dedication to guarantee all members are set up for success. When McQueen came across the company back in 2018, he knew it aligned with his value system and afforded him the opportunity to impact more people’s lives. 

“I believe we invest more in our people, our staff and in our sales reps than what I see anywhere else in the industry,” McQueen says. 

Part of the value system at Priority Roofing, which is consistent across all locations, is fostering a healthy work family. Creating a positive work environment for all team members often goes unnoticed even though a healthy work family plays a huge role in the success of a business. The team is the backbone of any company, and McQueen and Priority Roofing make it a top priority to uphold a family culture. 

From the non-profit missions McQueen went on in his early adulthood to the work he’s doing today, the remaining constant is to impact as many people as possible. 

To learn more about Micah McQueen and Priority Roofing, visit their website here

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