Greg Luther, The “No B.S. Real Estate Coach,” Offers Nearly 25 Years of Sales and Marketing Experience; Turning an Average Agents’ Business into a Top Producing Machine!

Greg Luther
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As one of the leading authorities in the real estate industry, Sales and Marketing Expert Greg Luther has made a huge impact on professional agents across the United States. With over 30,000 already trained by him and his program, he is becoming more popularly known as the “No B.S. Real Estate Coach.” His main focus is to share trade secrets with agents that can help them grow their businesses and become financially successful.

Greg Luther began his career in Columbus, Ohio, in his early twenties. After a slow start, Greg redirected his time and energy to learn everything he could about marketing and sales. In two years, his business sky-rocketed and he established himself as one of the top producers in the country. 

Through the Greg Luther Real Estate Coaching Program, he now devotes his time to mentoring other realtors, sharing his experiences and trade secrets with thousands of people in order to help them grow their businesses, pay off all of their debt, stay informed with the latest trends in the real estate sector, stand out from competitors with appealing offers, generate consistent cash flow quickly, and begin to plan their retirement. He teaches his clients to produce consistent closings, which translates to dependable income every month.

“You have an issue with revenue, not expenses,” in Greg’s words, “all of the other problems disappear if we promptly address your revenue issue.”

Greg Luther is the only coach who rewards his students once their net worth exceeds $1 million. He makes sure that this objective is met, if not exceeded. With over 24 years of experience in the real estate market, Greg Luther is a Realtor, Sales and Marketing Expert, and Coach. He has trained over 30,000 real estate agents across the US.

To add to this impressive list of accomplishments, Greg Luther has set a goal to train 300,000 more agents, so they, too, can potentially reach millionaire status. This has certainly inspired many aspiring realtors giving them a chance to achieve financial success through hard-earned effort and dedication.

The struggle for sales and relevance among America’s more than 1.6 million real estate agents is a common topic of discussion among realtors. With Greg Luther’s guidance, agents uncover their full potential and build the real estate business of their dreams. His program provides helpful guidance at every step of a person’s real estate journey, starting from generating leads all the way until closing a sale… to becoming wealthy! 

Not only does he offer practical advice, but he also encourages clients to be resilient in times of hardship, showing that persistence pays off in the end. Moreover, Luther also emphasizes that surrounding oneself with talented people helps one succeed better than working alone because there is always something new being learned from each other’s experiences. Greg talks about the importance of staying relevant with current market trends and staying top of mind for potential clients. He assists realtors in moving past the generation of leads and into actual conversions. 

Real Estate Agents interested in learning more about Greg and his coaching style can view some free training and get tips from his social media channels; follow him on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok @GregLutherCoaching for all. For agents looking to take an even closer look at what Greg offers, check out and watch a free webinar instantly.

It’s inspiring stories like this that give promise to the future of the real estate market. As for Greg Luther, we can definitely look forward to learning more from this ambitious entrepreneur helping so many real estate agents’ million-dollar dream become a reality! 

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