From SEO Expert to Passionate Real Estate Maverick: The Micah Bleecher Story

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In the fast-paced world of Las Vegas real estate, one name stands out for its unique approach – Micah Bleecher, the driving force behind “I Love Living In Las Vegas,” his Youtube channel. With 18 years of experience in luxury real estate, Micah’s journey has taken him from SEO marketing to becoming a prominent real estate agent. This article dives into Micah’s world, exploring his motivations, strategies, and the challenges he’s overcome to provide a personal touch in the real estate industry.


Micah Bleecher, the founder of “I Love Living In Las Vegas” has built a remarkable career in the real estate industry. His journey began as an SEO specialist and web developer, marketing luxury real estate for Ken Lowman, a local Las Vegas real estate legend, while at the same time building and ultimately selling three properties and casualty insurance businesses. After retiring from the insurance business, he seamlessly transitioned into the world of buying and selling properties. It was a perfect fit.

“I Love Living In Las Vegas” isn’t just a brand; it’s a philosophy embodied by Micah Bleecher, the driving force behind the real estate venture. This brand encapsulates Micah’s unwavering passion for the vibrant city of Las Vegas and his genuine desire to help individuals find their perfect homes in this dynamic locale. Micah’s approach goes beyond traditional real estate paradigms, emphasizing heart connections and personalized experiences for every client, irrespective of their budget. The brand signifies a commitment to inclusivity, where luxury homes and affordable condos coexist under the same umbrella of dedicated service. Micah’s decision to embrace a diverse range of properties reflects his belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to love living in Las Vegas, and he is determined to make that dream a reality for each client he serves.

A Niche Beyond Luxury

While Micah’s roots lie in luxury real estate, he’s not one to be confined by a single niche. Micah’s vision extends beyond the world of expensive homes. He’s determined to help anyone, regardless of their budget, find their dream home in Las Vegas. His unique selling point? A genuine commitment to forming a heart connection with his clients, regardless of the property’s price tag. Micah is patient, he listens and puts his clients’ needs first.

As Micah explains, “I don’t care what kind of property you have. I want someone that connects with me. I don’t care what the price of the home is. I just want to help people.” This philosophy forms the foundation of his business. Whether it’s a $5 million mansion or a $200,000 condo, Micah ensures his clients receive the same level of dedication and service.

Unveiling the Secrets of Success

Micah’s strategies for growing his real estate business have evolved over the years. He emphasizes the importance of embracing new marketing tools like YouTube, which he recognized as a powerful SEO platform. With an impressive 30-year background in SEO and online marketing, he’s well-positioned to take his business to new heights.

Over the past two and a half years, Micah has faced the challenging task of transitioning from being the marketing expert behind another real estate legend to running his own business. “I’m not trying to be the best realtor or sell the most homes, I simply want to be the best realtor for

my clients. And for that, I have to make my presence felt in the real estate world.”

For Micah, embracing YouTube as a search engine was a turning point. “One of the big mistakes I’ve made since 2005 is not seeing YouTube as a search engine,” he admits. His realization about the potential of YouTube, after years of not watching television, was a game-changer. “Now I’m completely sold on the SEO factors of YouTube, but I don’t have time to

waste. To move quickly I’m going to need help, and that’s why I joined the Passive Prospecting Accelerator Program so that I can get up to speed and get going, get a channel built out, get my first 12 videos on there, and then just start becoming a publisher.”

This enthusiastic embrace of YouTube, combined with his years of SEO experience, is a testament to Micah’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve.

Overcoming Hurdles

While Micah has achieved great success, he acknowledges that he needs assistance and partners as his business continues to expand. His objective is to establish a consistent stream of inbound clients and to seek out collaborators who share his vision. Micah, as an experienced entrepreneur, understands the significance of reaching out for help and creating a strong support network.

As he puts it, “I’ve got websites in progress. I have my own development company and I’m going all in on this. Even though there’s a downturn in the market. I’ve seen this movie before. I’ve lived it. Things will change and I plan to double down on my efforts and hustle while I wait.”

This willingness to adapt and seek partnerships is a testament to Micah’s strategic mindset and his commitment to growth.

Advice for Aspiring Real Estate Entrepreneurs

Micah offers simple yet profound advice to emerging real estate entrepreneurs: the power of daily consistency. He emphasizes the importance of focusing on daily tasks, regardless of their scale, to realize long-term success. “The magic of a little bit every day,” he insists, is the key to turning intentions into outcomes.

For Micah, it’s not about envisioning grandiose futures; it’s about focusing on the present and the small steps that lead to the desired outcome. “The most important thing is to not spend too much time looking at the future. You may set a goal but don’t spend too much time on your vision board. Spend it on today, doing the little things every single day that create cause for success. And those little things add up.”


In a city known for its opulence and luxury real estate, Micah Bleecher’s approach stands out. He’s more than an agent selling homes; he’s a partner, a dedicated professional who ensures his clients receive a personalized experience, regardless of the property’s price tag. His journey from SEO marketing to real estate success is a testament to the power of adaptability and consistency.

As Micah continues to expand his real estate business and embrace new marketing strategies, he offers inspiration and guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs. In the ever-evolving world of real estate, Micah’s story serves as a reminder that success is achieved through daily dedication and a commitment to meeting the unique needs of every client.

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