An Inside Look Into Jerome Myers’ Incredible Journey

An Inside Look Into Jerome Myers’ Incredible Journey
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Discovering heightened success as a financial advisor becomes attainable with top-tier coaching from Jerome Myers. As a renowned business coach, Myers embarked on an inspiring journey, equipping him to expertly help established financial advisors significantly increase their profitability through efficient, professional training and mentorship.

Myers, often referred to as “J,” is not just a coach; he’s an award winning engineer turned busines startegist. He proudly holds the titles of founder and chief inspiration officer at  The Myers Development Group. These entities have allowed him to fulfill his childhood dream of helping people transform their dreams into tangible reality. By achieving his own childhood dream, Myers helps prove to all that everyone else’s can and should be realized.

This wealth advisor coach’s success took an unconventional turn when this  financial advisor coach decided to leave corporate America after spearheading the development of a $20 million division at a Fortune 550 company. He concluded that his corporate position lacked deeper significance despite the financial benefits, so he founded the Myers Development Group. Myers found success dominating the multifamily real estate investing space as a highly sought-after thought leader. Building The Myers Development Group, has built a multi-million-dollar portfolio using his  his Myers Methods for Multifamily Investing.

Myers’ transformational strategic advisory program distinguishes itself from the competition with a pioneering holistic approach. Establishing Holistic Transformational Coaching over a decade and a half ago, Myers employs elevated strategies, encouragement, and assessments that he now shares with the world. Myers Methods has been recognized in Business Insider, Black Enterprise, and on several podcasts.

The inspiration to start Myers Methods stemmed from Myers’ own challenges when breaking into the multifamily investing space. Having personal experience escaping the rat race to pursue his dream, Myers educates others with a system that prepares people to also leave corporate America behind and build more impactful lives. Today, as the founder and head coach of the Myers Development Group, Jerome helps apex performers discover their true callings and live with purpose every day. With monumentally transformative outcomes, Myers and his firms guide financial advisors toward fulfilling and purposeful lives.

Myers’ extensive achievements include delivering keynote addresses and hosting an annual Extraction Retreat. As a top coach for financial advisors, Myers has developed numerous programs rooted in the Model for a Centered Life, also known as The Red Pill, providing life-enhancing resources that boost confidence, clarity, success, and accountability. Achieving goals no longer has to be a long and draining process when you apply Myers’ efficient strategies and tactics.

Myers’ advice to aspiring financial advisors is simple but impactful: start now. After spending a decade waiting until he gained experience to pursue his multifamily real estate dreams, Myers has learned the value of not wasting time and starting right where you are to best reach your goals.

With more growth and impact on the horizon, Jerome Myers is the go to advisor, strategist and coach, helping successful financial advisors grow and take their achievements to new heights. Myers’ journey remains a testament to what can be accomplished when you dare to dream and take action.

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