Zimbabwean Leading Developer WestProp Breaks Ground On $100 Million Luxury Apartments Project

Zimbabwean Leading Developer WestProp Breaks Ground On $100 Million Luxury Apartments Project
Photo Credited to: WestProp Holdings Media

WestProp Holdings, a leading property developer in Zimbabwe and one of the best in Africa, achieved a momentous milestone on Monday with the Ground Breaking ceremony for the renowned Millennium Heights Block 4 Luxury Apartments project. The esteemed event was graced by the presence of the President of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa, who had the honor of breaking ground.

During his speech, WestProp CEO Ken Sharpe emphasized the company’s commitment to a culture of excellence and a high-performance approach to delivering projects ahead of schedule. He expressed gratitude towards their valued customers, acknowledging that over 50% of the building had already been sold out at the time of the ceremony. Sharpe congratulated them for being part of this remarkable development, stating, ” I would also like to thank our customers, to whom without we would not be here today. Your trust and belief in us have been pivotal to our success. Thank you to our customers. We value your support and congratulate you.”

The construction of Millennium Heights Block 4 luxury apartments represents a significant step forward for WestProp in realizing their vision of reaching one billion bricks used in their projects by 2050. Sharpe proudly announced that the Millenium Park project had already utilized 1,464,017 bricks and the total from all works in progress on all their projects is at 61,951,211 bricks, which amounts to more than 6% towards the ultimate goal. He passionately remarked, “We continue to move towards our one billion brick vision by 2050. I’m not just using words that I came up with for my final assignment at Harvard Business School during the three-year degree but this is actually our corporate strategy statement that each person at Westprop breathes and lives by every day.”

With an estimated value exceeding $100 million, the Millennium Heights Block 4 luxury apartments represent the largest luxury residential real estate venture in Zimbabwe. Sharpe highlighted the project’s significance, saying, ” The dream is to see Harare’s skyline compete with what we see in other places like Dubai, London, and Singapore. Our developments are a statement of confidence and the belief in a better future. I often say to people, I am not selling properties and houses and shopping malls, but I’m rather selling hope. Hope for a brighter and better future in Harare and Zimbabwe.”

This exceptional Millenium Park development embraces the concept of live, work, shop, and play, intending to transform the precinct into a 24-hour smart city and the luxury apartments building will incorporate advanced features, surpassing any previous WestProp project. Notably, it will be the first building in the northern suburbs of Harare to exceed four floors, with the development permit allowing for a ten-floor structure. The inclusion of vertical gardens, featuring trees atop the building, further enhances its uniqueness.

Millennium Heights Block 4 will consist of six levels comprising 86 units on cascading floors, each offering breathtaking views. The range of units includes studio apartments, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom configurations. Moreover, for those seeking the pinnacle of luxury, there will be a limited number of ultra-luxury penthouses occupying the top floors. Sharpe further described “This is an offering that sets our development apart from any other. Some of the first include the building being, as I mentioned, over four floors in the local area plan, having an elevator, clear glass view, verandas, and balconies. One of the key features of our blocks is the existence of abundant openings and a skylight, allowing natural light to penetrate, thus diminishing the need for artificial illumination. The design feature not only accentuates sustainability, but also contributes to a healthy living environment.”

To ensure sustainability and eco-friendliness, the development incorporates various environmentally conscious elements. These include sectional title units with reticulated backup borehole water, central and reticulated liquefied petroleum gas, solar energy utilization, and greywater collection systems. The design emphasizes ample natural light penetration, minimizing reliance on artificial illumination. Moreover, the integration of vertical gardens enhances aesthetics and fosters a connection with nature, enriching residents’ lives.

As part of the larger Millennium Park project, WestProp plans to construct approximately 1,000 apartment units over the next five years. Each unit will boast unique features to ensure architectural diversity and prevent monotony.

Zimbabwean Leading Developer WestProp Breaks Ground On $100 Million Luxury Apartments Project

Photo Credited to: WestProp Holdings Media

Building upon a promise to provide luxury and secure gated communities, WestProp will concurrently construct a technologically advanced gate entrance. This entrance, valued at $470,000, reaffirms their commitment to creating safe living environments where residents can truly experience the live-work-play lifestyle. Additional amenities within the community include sporting facilities, green energy solutions, creche facilities, a church, co-working spaces, and a shopping mall scheduled for completion next year. Internet connectivity will be readily available, offering a truly modern experience for residents.

In closing, CEO Ken Sharpe urged all present, both at the ceremony and beyond, to be positive ambassadors for Zimbabwe. He emphasized the importance of promoting the country positively, speaking the truth, and fostering national pride. Sharpe exclaimed, ” I would like to challenge everyone present here today, everyone listening to this message, that we as Zimbabweans have a duty and responsibility to promote our country positively to the rest of the world. We need to be brand ambassadors and speak the truth. We can no longer speak bad things about our country.” He concluded his speech by expressing gratitude to “God Almighty” for the continued success and blessings bestowed upon WestProp.

WestProp Holdings won the African Achievers Awards ‘Organisation of the year 2023’ which were held at the House of Lords in the United Kingdom.


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