Zach Kirkpatrick: From ISA to Real Estate Innovator – A Journey of Determination and Dreaming Big

Zach Kirkpatrick: From ISA to Real Estate Innovator - A Journey of Determination and Dreaming Big
Photo Credit: Zach Kirkpatrick

In the dynamic landscape of real estate, few stories resonate with the vigor and inspiration quite like Zach Kirkpatrick’s. His journey, beginning in 2019 as an Inside Sales Associate (ISA) without a real estate license, is a testament to the power of determination, learning, and an unwavering commitment to personal growth.

Kirkpatrick’s entry into real estate was not predestined. With a background in construction and no sales history, he stepped into the role of an ISA and quickly realized the potential that lay in acquiring a real estate license. The disparity he observed in paychecks between himself and licensed agents fueled his ambition to bridge that gap. “I was grinding and I was grinding,” Kirkpatrick recalls, emphasizing his relentless work ethic that propelled him forward.

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 brought challenges but also opportunities for introspection and learning. During a six-month downtime, Kirkpatrick immersed himself in audiobooks and nurtured his dream of success in real estate. He got licensed in July 2020 and rapidly made his mark, closing three transactions before December, catapulting him to the top 1% of first-year Realtors—a remarkable achievement considering he did not close a single deal with someone he knew personally until the following summer.

Kirkpatrick’s approach to real estate is deeply rooted in education and empowerment. He describes himself as an “educational tour guide,” committed to ensuring clients feel informed, comfortable, and empowered in their decisions. His passion for teaching and connecting clients with essential information shines through in his interactions, transforming the client-agent relationship into an educational journey.

Zach Kirkpatrick: From ISA to Real Estate Innovator - A Journey of Determination and Dreaming Big

Photo Credit: Zach Kirkpatrick

The real estate industry is evolving, and Kirkpatrick envisions a future where technology plays a more significant role in personalizing client experiences and reducing costs. “Real estate is the only industry that hasn’t really gotten reset with the internet,” he observes, advocating for a shift that empowers clients, particularly the younger generation, with more control and cost-effective solutions.

Kirkpatrick’s ambitions extend beyond the conventional bounds of real estate. After moving brokerages and acquiring his broker’s license, his next venture is to build out a property management company, with the ultimate goal of expanding and selling it within five years. His long-term vision includes establishing a platform akin to Valuetainment, using his credibility and experience to influence and educate on a larger scale.

In sharing his inspiring narrative, Kirkpatrick imparts a timeless piece of advice that encapsulates the essence of his philosophy: “Don’t stop dreaming; it’s a lot more achievable than it sounds.” This simple yet profound counsel echoes his belief in the transformative power of relentless aspiration. Kirkpatrick’s recent foray into property investment, marked by the acquisition of a 16-story office building destined for conversion into luxury apartments, serves as a tangible manifestation of his commitment to dreaming big.

Beyond the realm of real estate success, Kirkpatrick’s story resonates as a testament to the potency of embracing opportunities and unwaveringly pursuing one’s goals. His journey becomes a beacon for aspiring real estate professionals, illuminating the path to success with the twin torches of the right mindset and dedicated effort.

In Kirkpatrick’s narrative, the world becomes more than an oyster; it transforms into a vast landscape of possibilities waiting to be explored. His story inspires others to cast aside limitations, think expansively, and recognize that dreams, when coupled with tenacity, have the potential to materialize into extraordinary achievements. Kirkpatrick’s journey stands not only as a personal triumph but as a universal reminder that dreams, fueled by determination, are indeed within reach for those daring enough to pursue them.


Published By: Aize Perez

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