Why Realtors Are Interested in Marco Ruta’s Solar Referral Program

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In today’s changing real estate world, professionals who understand sustainable options stand out. One such opportunity is Marco Ruta’s Solar Referral Program, designed to give homeowners access to solar energy and reward realtors with incentives through referrals.

Customized Solar Solutions:

Marco starts by thoroughly assessing a client’s energy usage and current energy situation. Using this information, he creates a personalized savings report tailored to the client’s unique needs and goals. If the clients decide to proceed with the installation, realtors can earn $1000 for a successful referral.

The Model Home Project:

Eligible homeowners can transition to solar energy without upfront costs through Marco’s Model Home Project. Homeowners also have the option to display a yard sign, showing their commitment to sustainability.

Key Benefits:

  • Zero Upfront Costs: Clients don’t need to make any initial payments, making solar energy more accessible.
  • 20 to 40% Reduction in Electricity Bills: Switching to solar energy can result in significant savings on monthly electricity bills.
  • Service Transfer Guarantee: Clients can easily transfer the solar agreement to a new homeowner if they move.
  • Full Maintenance, Warranty, and Servicing: Marco’s team offers 24/7 system monitoring to ensure optimal performance, with prompt and cost-free repairs in case of malfunctions.
  • Production Guarantee: Homeowners receive a refund if the system underperforms, backed by a 25-year guarantee.
  • Roof Penetration Warranty: Assurance that the solar installation won’t damage the homeowner’s roof.
  • Battery Storage: Comprehensive coverage includes maintenance, repairs, and replacements for battery storage systems.

With Marco Ruta’s solution, clients can expect a tailored approach to solar energy adoption, designed to meet their specific needs and preferences. Realtors also have the opportunity to earn $1000 for successful referrals if clients decide to proceed with the installation.

Assisting Realtors:

Marco Ruta’s involvement goes beyond referrals. He provides valuable support to real estate professionals in various ways:

  • Overcoming Homebuyer Objections: Marco helps realtors address potential objections related to solar energy during the sales process, streamlining transactions and building stronger client relationships.
  • Training on Solar Objections: Marco offers training to realtors on how to effectively handle solar objections, equipping them with the knowledge and tools to navigate these conversations confidently.

Addressing Solar Queries:

Transitioning to solar energy can raise numerous questions. Under Marco Ruta’s guidance, the program provides comprehensive answers through educational outreach.

Assurances for Homeowners:

The program is structured to ensure homeowners feel confident about their choice:

  • Service Continuity: Homeowners can seamlessly transfer their solar agreement to a new residence if they decide to move.
  • Maintenance & Warranty: Ongoing monitoring and a comprehensive warranty offer homeowners peace of mind, ensuring prompt issue resolution without unexpected costs.
  • Performance Guarantee: The solar system’s optimal performance is guaranteed for 25 years, with provisions for compensation if discrepancies arise.
  • Roof Protection: A dedicated warranty ensures the integrity of the roof remains intact.
  • Battery Maintenance: Coverage extends to routine checks, essential repairs, and replacements, ensuring the long-term viability of the solar system.

Feedback from Participants:

Several realtors and homeowners have shared their positive experiences with Marco Ruta’s Solar Referral Program:

  • “Jake Thompson commended Marco’s expertise in addressing solar-related questions.”
  • “Linda Martinez appreciated the efficient referral process and the promptness of incentives.”
  • “Samuel Brooks collaborated with Marco to address a homebuyer’s solar lease inquiries, resulting in a successful transaction.”

With proficiency in English, Spanish, and Italian, Marco Ruta ensures effective communication throughout the process.

Marco’s Engagement with the Realtor Community:

Marco Ruta actively engages with the realtor community by sharing his knowledge at real estate networking events. He discusses the advantages of solar solutions, helps realtors overcome objections, and equips them with the skills to promote sustainable energy options. Realtors looking to elevate their real estate careers and contribute to sustainable solutions can reach out to Marco Ruta today. Discover how Marco Ruta can help real estate professionals earn $1000 for each successful solar installation referral or assist in closing more transactions by overcoming solar objections. Contact Marco Ruta now to start making a difference in your real estate journey.


To learn more or to connect with Marco Ruta:

Phone: 321-301-9521

Email: marcoruta@lgcypower.com

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