The Luxury Nursery Brand As Seen on Khloe Kardashian’s Home: Oilo Studio, and An Exclusive Interview with Founder Annalisa Thomas

Oilo Studio
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As seen on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and featured in publications like People, American Baby, BabyTalk, UsWeekly and Cosmopolitan, just to name a few, Oilo Studio has become the go-to luxury nursery recliners and designer nursery bedding brand for Hollywood’s biggest stars. Used by Khloe Kardashian herself, Oilo Studio is taking the celebrity world by storm one home at a time. Oilo Studio was designed to fill a gap in the nursery market, offering chic homeware that focuses on the comfort of and elevation of products for parents, as much as for their babies. “There just wasn’t a lot out there,” shares founder Annalisa Thomas with Real Estate Today, “so we made products for someone who liked that modern, simple design. It’s a design aimed more towards mom than baby”. The nursery and home decor that radiates a designer look has come a long way from its establishment in 2009.

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Founded by artist, interior designer and graphic designer Annalisa Thomas, Oilo Studio was created to be a brand all about providing extremely high quality and durably designed products. The first line launched by Oilo Studio was a collection of high-quality and neutral-colored bed sheets for nurseries. Back in the 2000s, most nursery and baby products were colorful, filled with cartoon characters and other caricatures. Oilo Studio was one of the very first brands to introduce the concept of curating a “chic” or further elevated space for parents to care for their children. Having a baby is already a massive adjustment, which is why the founder of Oilo Studio, Annalisa Thomas, wanted to give parents the opportunity to maintain their personal – often modern and cool — home style alive, post having children by extending their more mature design preferences to their nurseries. 

So why celebrities? Why have celebrities been so drawn to Oilo Studio? In an interview with Real Estate Today, Annalisa Thomas shared that “We [Oilo Studio] have always been ahead of the trend, we aim to be ahead of the trend,” then adding that “Celebrities want that too. They want something new, different, innovative”. That is how The Ellen DeGeneres Show found out about Oilo Studio and invited the brand to feature their products on the widely-streamed show. That being said, Annalisa remembers Oilo’s time on The Ellen DeGeneres show as a time of investment.

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“We had just started out when Ellen found out about us,” shares Annalisa. “We had to give away about two-hundred bed sheets to the guest audience. We ran out of inventory and knew that we wouldn’t be eating that month”, she adds, remembering the times of struggle. “But the Ellen Show helped for sure; it was an investment. So many celebrities picked up and appreciated our product after that,” mentions Annalisa as she then explains the development of Oilo Studio from a primarily bedding company to the brand then famous, known for and loved for their high-quality Gliders and Recliners. With a commitment to designing, constructing and introducing innovative products to the nursery market, Oilo Studio understood that along with sleek bedsheets, parents also sought further modern products in their nursery that extended beyond color palettes. That was the beginning of the iconic Gliders and Recliners.

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Not long after their launch, the Oilo Studio Gliders and Recliners organically became the brand’s highest-demanded pieces by consumers. “People go crazy over them. Everyone wants the gliders and recliners,” exclaims Annalisa. She goes on to explain that this is because, in a nursery, the gliders and recliners are the only pieces made for the parents and not the baby. It’s for the parent to sit, to sleep, to cradle, to love and enjoy. “A lot of memories are made in the glider and recliner when you have your newborn,” Annalisa emphasizes, while explaining that the design of the chairs have to be immaculate in order for parents to thoroughly enjoy the uniquely special bonding time with their young children. “A lot of bonding happens there and so many people have a hard time getting rid of their gliders and recliners and we’re saying, ‘but you don’t have to get rid of it. Right?’ Because this is gonna last you forever. It’s made in the United States. It’s very, very good quality,” adds Annalisa. 

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Oilo Studio’s Gliders and Recliners have become especially recognized for their durability. These pieces are made to be in use for decades past the newborn stage in a family. The modern-chic, and highly customizable design of the Gliders and Recliners makes it so that parents can then transfer their beautiful chairs into the primary bedroom, living room, or even office to last a lifetime in their homes. Most importantly, preserving a piece where so many special memories were once made. Additionally, Oilo Studio’s Gliders and Recliners are highly sought out for their unique features. “I would say is there’s not really like a luxury choir recliner out there, and that’s what we provide,” says Annalisa to Real Estate Today, while adding that what makes Oilo Studio different than other home and nursery brands is that, not only do they provide a wide variety of fabric options, but that the motorized recline feature is a major game-changer for parents. “You can charge your phone, and you can recline like you would the car, your car seat. It’s all about finding that perfect spot for comfort while you share a special moment with your baby,” mentions Annalisa. 

Today, Oilo Studio is the only luxury nursery recliner and designer nursery bedding brand available on the market. Now with over fifteen collections available, there is something for every parent. Known and loved by consumers who seek to uphold their personal, chic and modern style even after having babies, Oilo Studio products are designed to provide the utmost comfort, quality and design. From celebrities to those who appreciate a high grade of value in the products used in the home, Oilo Studio has become the go-to luxury nursery recliners and designer nursery bedding brand. Available on their website and for convenience at Nordstrom, Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus, Oilo Studio is making a modern approach to nurseries, more accessible than ever. 

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