The Future of Uptown Dallas, Ari Rastegar Holds the Key to 1899 McKinney

Ari Rastegar
Photo Courtesy: Ari Rastega

Uptown Dallas, already abuzz with growth over the past decade, is entering another phase of dynamic change. The move of corporate powerhouses like Bank of America and Deloitte, lured by the city’s blend of modern comforts and dynamics, has significantly boosted Uptown’s profile in Dallas’s economic scene.

The area’s appeal has been further enhanced by high-profile developments like the Hôtel Swexan and the $22 million renovation of the Ritz Carlton, setting new standards for luxury hospitality in Uptown. With the phase 2 expansion of Klyde Warren Park underway and the announcement of Harwood No. 15 and the new Goldman Sachs NorthEnd campus, uptown’s resurgence is sure to bring more upscale developments and unfettered growth are here to stay.

With the Dallas Mavericks now under the Adelson family’s majority ownership and Luka playing as transcendent as ever, there is a palpable buzz in the city, especially uptown.  

Against this backdrop of the epic urban renaissance and excitement, Ari Rastegar and his firm Rastegar Property Company, are making waves with their ambitious and impactful project at 1899 McKinney. The current proposal for the lot is a class-A high-rise up to 26 stories with 212 units starting on the 7th floor, a bold statement in line with Rastegar’s visionary approach. Given the vibrant development taking place in the neighborhood, the potential for further appreciation in the land’s value seems likely as uptown continues to boom. 

Rastegar’s approach to real estate is not just about spotting the upside before others do so, but also primarily about developing properties and creating landmarks that redefine the city’s landscape. As Dallas’s skyline changes with the development of the new high rises, Ari’s keen eye and the presence of 1899 McKinney are welcome additions.

The success of Rastegar Property Company in securing fully leased buildings even before completion is a testament to their strategic foresight and understanding of market dynamics. 

Ari Rastega

Photo Courtesy: Ari Rastega

In addition to 1899 McKinney, Rastegar has many other projects going live or making major progress over the next 90 days, including his first two ground-up developments.

Infinity Park, an industrial area development near the Tesla Gigafactory, is a major part of Rastegar’s broader vision for Austin’s growth and development. The ribbon cutting ceremony for inf1nity park is March 6, 2024. Rastegar is nearing completion on plans to finalize Infinity Views, a boutique office building designed to cater to the evolving demands of modern workspaces, and Infinity Estates, a 318-acre master-planned community, showcasing Rastegar’s commitment to large-scale, transformative urban projects capable of supporting the influx of new talent. 

Photo Courtesy: Ari Rastega

Infinity Park

Photo Courtesy: Ari Rastega

Infinity Estates

As Uptown Dallas continues its journey of transformation and prosperity, the role of visionaries like Ari Rastegar becomes increasingly pivotal. The development of 1899 McKinney is not just a testament to Rastegar’s foresight and business acumen but also a symbol of the new era of urban development in Dallas.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

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