The Executivepreneur: Shaping the Future of Women’s Wealth with Real Estate

The Executivepreneur: Shaping the Future of Women's Wealth with Real Estate

In the dynamic world of investments and wealth creation The Asset MultipliHER is making significant strides toward reshaping the narrative around women and real estate investment. Leading this change is Founder and author Tayisha M. Beard, celebrated for her best-selling 2024 book “The Executivepreneur”. Through her innovative 4-Step Asset MultipliHER Framework, she is on a mission to empower executive women to shift their financial strategies from merely saving money to actively investing in cash-flowing assets.

The reluctance of women to engage in real estate investment and the creation of generational wealth has been a longstanding issue. Many women are afraid of incurring debt and doubt their ability to be pioneers of generational wealth within their families. Despite these concerns, research has consistently shown that women who venture into investment tend to yield better returns on investment (ROI) than their male counterparts. Currently, 67% of women are investing outside their retirement accounts, yet a mere 32% are taking the leap into real estate investment

The Asset MultipliHER stands firm on the belief that “Being rich can support you for a lifetime, wealth can support your family for generations.” This philosophy underpins the brand’s dedication to fostering a culture of investment among career-level women who have traditionally focused on saving rather than circulating their money.

Founded by a woman who has navigated the corporate ladder to become the Senior Director of a Fortune 500 company, The Asset MultipliHER is not just a brand; it is a testament to what women can achieve when they embrace the potential of real estate investment. Hailing from

New Orleans, LA, and now residing in Gonzales, Louisiana, with her family, the founder brings a wealth of experience and insight into the realm of investing. Her accolades include being featured in Automotive News magazine in 2016 and receiving the prestigious Leading the Way Award in 2015, awarded to the top 1% by her company.

The Executivepreneur: Shaping the Future of Women's Wealth with Real Estate

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The Asset MultipliHER’s journey is deeply rooted in the belief that empowerment comes from education and action. The founder’s collaboration with Jullien Gordon of the Multifamily Movement and participation as a panelist at the Generational Wealth Conference in Atlanta in 2024 underscore her commitment to sharing knowledge and inspiring others.

The brand’s website,, and social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, serve as conduits for spreading the message of financial empowerment and investment savvy. Through these channels, The Asset MultipliHER reaches out to women across the globe, encouraging them to take control of their future and putting their financial security into their own hands.

The Asset MultipliHER’s narrative is a compelling call to action for women everywhere. It challenges them to overcome their fears and self-doubt, to recognize the immense potential within themselves to create lasting legacies through wise investment decisions. By providing tools, knowledge, and inspiration, The Asset MultipliHER is not only changing the landscape of real estate investment for women but is also laying the foundation for a future where women are equally represented and celebrated for their contributions to creating generational wealth.

In a world where the choice between professional success and a nurturing home environment seems inevitable, The Asset MultipliHER is challenging the status quo. It exemplifies that with the right mindset, support, and resources, women can indeed have it all – success in the business world and a loving, prosperous home life. This brand is not just about investment; it’s about breaking barriers, challenging norms, and inspiring a new generation of women to aspire for both wealth and richness in life’s experiences.

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