The Big Thaw: Manhattan Real Estate Warms Up to Sellers

The Big Thaw Manhattan Real Estate Warms Up to Sellers_2
Photo Courtesy: Michael Holt

By: Michael Holt 

The once-frosty Manhattan real estate market appears to be thawing, with a potential shift back towards sellers, according to a recent report by award-winning agent Michael Holt with The Holt Team at Compass. The report, titled “Is Manhattan’s Real Estate Market Shifting Back Towards Sellers?” meticulously examines current market trends, offering insights into the dynamics at play and speculating on the emerging landscape for both buyers and sellers in the borough.

“We’re seeing a confluence of factors suggesting a potential power shift in the Manhattan real estate market,” says Michael. “There has been a gradual decline in contract activity with a decrease of 10% in price action. Interestingly, despite these trends, supply has remained relatively low compared to previous years. Taken together, these factors create an environment where the advantages of leverage can change rapidly with the resurgence of buyer activity. This appears to be the prevailing trend at present. It seems that the peak leverage for buyers has passed.” 

The report provides insights into the shifting dynamics of the real estate market, particularly focusing on indicators signaling a potential return to a seller’s market. Among these indicators is the Climate Index, which offers a comprehensive overview of the listing environment’s favorability for sellers. By examining the ratio of signed deals to listings removed from the market, the report unveils a clear correlation: as this ratio increases, indicating a higher rate of signed deals relative to listings removed, the listing environment becomes warmer, signaling advantageous conditions for sellers. Conversely, a decrease in this ratio suggests a cooler listing environment, potentially favoring buyers. 

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Photo Courtesy: Michael Holt

“Sellers have had a challenging market for most of the last two years. There are now a few indicators showing that the market is improving for them, although it isn’t a seller’s market yet. New York City’s busiest season is spring, which should be quite opportunistic,” explains Holt

The Big Thaw Manhattan Real Estate Warms Up to Sellers

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The report concludes by advising both buyers and sellers on how to navigate the evolving market with a strategic approach. For sellers, the report suggests capitalizing on the current market conditions by ensuring their properties are priced competitively and well-presented. “March to June marks your prime listing period. Despite price declines in 2023, recent indicators suggest market recovery, with limited supply expected to increase. Seize the seasonal uptick in activity while managing price expectations, as improvements hint at favorable listing opportunities amidst a potentially balanced market.” For buyers, it emphasizes past peak advantages and the fact that they still enjoy favorable pricing and early market insights. “Expect heightened competition and less seller flexibility, yet opportunities remain amidst shifting dynamics and a likely market rebound,” says Holt.

“Regardless of whether you’re a buyer or a seller, it’s crucial to have a knowledgeable and experienced real estate professional by your side in this dynamic market,” concludes Holt. “The right guidance can make all the difference in achieving your real estate goals in Manhattan.”

For a comprehensive insight into the current trends shaping the Manhattan real estate market, delve into the detailed report authored by Michael Holt. To access the full report and stay abreast of the latest developments, visit

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