SQRL’s Drive-Thru Convenience Store Set to Debut on Grand Avenue

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Grand Avenue’s bustling stretch in Hot Springs will become even more convenient for locals and passersby. SQRL, the rapidly expanding convenience store chain based in Little Rock, has plans to open its first Hot Springs location.

Though an official opening date has yet to be set, SQRL executive Tristan Acker hopes the retrofitted location will welcome customers within the next year. “It’s a bit different from the typical SQRL fuel station model we’re accustomed to in Arkansas,” he explained.

The innovative drive-thru format aims to provide customers with grab-and-go simplicity from the comfort of their vehicles. “Most gas stations in the area don’t offer anything like a drive-thru window where you can just pull up, order a bag of chips and a couple of drinks, and have it all brought right out to you to pay just like any other drive-thru,” described Acker said.

Founded three years ago, SQRL experienced rapid growth, operating 157 locations nationwide. The upcoming Grand Avenue drive-thru marks the company’s first store in Hot Springs, though Acker expressed hopes that it’s only the beginning of SQRL’s presence in the area.

Though the forthcoming Grand Avenue drive-thru will not include gas pumps, it will be among the first convenience store concepts in SQRL to offer the innovative drive-thru model. “That stretch of Grand has always been a high-traffic area for Hot Springs,” Acker added. “We think locals and travelers alike will appreciate the convenience of quickly swinging through the drive-thru, grabbing a few necessities, and being on their way.”

From cold drinks and hot snacks to grocery essentials and automotive supplies, the new drive-thru aims to quickly deliver convenience and top-notch customer service. SQRL representatives say the company is excited to introduce the one-of-a-kind concept to Hot Springs, and customer response will determine if additional area locations could follow.

Though the building will remain largely familiar to long-time patrons of the area, the offerings within are being fully reimagined to deliver seamless convenience from the driver’s seat. With just a quick detour off Grand, customers can soon swing by for a rapid fill-up on life’s everyday essentials.

The addition of a pioneering drive-thru convenience concept also further positions Hot Springs as a hub of innovation, Acker noted. “This area has always been on the leading edge of tourism, hospitality, and entertainment trends over the decades. We’re confident this one-of-a-kind drive-thru store will continue that spirit of innovation as a new kind of neighborhood and traveler’s resource.” 

Although Acker hasn’t given an actual date for the store opening date, his optimism paints a clear picture: SQRL aims to open its doors to the public within a year. “We know the anticipation is building, and we’re working hard to open the doors as soon as possible. We think Hot Springs residents and visitors will find this new SQRL concept well worth the wait.”

The upcoming Grand Avenue drive-thru aims to build on SQRL’s reputation for convenience with an innovative new model designed to get customers on their way faster than ever before. While the offerings inside will be new, the familiar roadside location hopes to become a popular neighborhood watering hole again for on-the-go essentials. SQRL is banking on its unique drive-thru spin to deliver convenience seekers a quick and easy new option along a main Hot Springs thoroughfare.


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