Scarcity and Competition are Not the Challenge: Jere Metcalf Shares How Luxury Real Estate Agents are Breaking Through in Today’s Market

Scarcity and Competition are Not the Challenge: Jere Metcalf Shares How Luxury Real Estate Agents are Breaking Through in Today's Market
Photo Credited to: Tom Abrams, Jere Metcalf, and Brett Wood (left to right) taken at Capital City Country Club in Atlanta. Photo Credited to: RaShun Hayes, Focus Minded Photo

​The overall downtrend in real estate today is producing disproportionate impacts on markets depending largely on median home pricing. For the most part, despite the 20% drop in year over year national sales, luxury markets across the country haven’t seen a proportionate adjustment in pricing. 

Take Aspen, Colorado, for example. While the region broke its per square foot record of $7,545 per square foot for homes and the median home price is $3 million. 

 This ostensible uptrend has brought in more realtors and created even fiercer competition within these micro luxury markets. In Aspen, for instance, there are now more residential real estate brokers than home sales per year.  

 For many realtors in these overly saturated and inflated luxury markets, the scarcity of selling opportunities can be frustrating and seemingly even impossible to overcome for many agents left on the wrong side of the equation. 

One industry insider, whose clients often initially come to her to solve these challenges, is luxury real-estate coach Jere Metcalf of BreakthroughLuxury™. Jere says everyone wants to know what to do although the more valuable question is how they look at it.

“When agents make breakthroughs, the biggest challenge is not in what they do or in doing more, but what they’re doing and how they’re doing it”. She adds, “Clarity, not confusion, is mastery.”

Tom Abrams with Sotheby’s International Realty in Atlanta, a market also experiencing declining home sales and inventory combined with an influx of competition, came to Metcalf on the basis of seeing demand for his traditional $1-3M sales dwindle. Through the guidance of Jere, Tom created a shift in his approach that expanded Tom’s business for an increased market share of homes in the $4+M range.

Jere has honed a blueprint for enabling today’s luxury real estate agents to thrive in this or any market. She says that with agents she first identifies and stops what’s not working. Next, she creates the strategy and foundation to establish a powerful launch for rapid success. After this, she implements the steps, tools, and resources to propel the growth and results in line with the agent’s long term goals and aspirations. 

Tom, coming from the luxury fashion and design industry as an executive with companies like Brooks Brothers and Bloomingdale’s, affirms, “In business and more so in luxury, whether fashion or real estate, it’s essential to understand the client’s needs and to know how to be in front of them. When I initially entered into the business of being a real estate agent, Jere was still an agent. As her colleague, it was clear to me that she understood and acted on that as a top agent in the city, gaining recognition throughout the nation for the results she got from it. The moment I heard she was transitioning to coaching and consulting and creating her platform, BreakthroughLuxury, I knew this was exactly what I needed.  

A few of the BreakthroughLuxury tools that Tom used included the BusinessFeeder, the BusinessBlueprint, and PipelineProcess as well as the weekly masterminds with other top agents in the country. These are just a few of the tools and resources, all under the umbrella of BreakthroughLuxury™️.

Stories like Tom’s are the norm.

On Metcalf’s influential podcast, Top Real Estate Agents Tell How They Do It, real-estate leaders from across the country open up and expatiate on how they proactively work to adjust to market challenges. 

Jere believes the greatest lesson she’s learned from her podcast, other agents, and her former career as a luxury real estate prior to coaching, is that while there is often a focus to beat the competition or even get ahead of the competition, where we truly win is in how we position and create opportunity and results

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