Sarah Liew: Charting a Course for the Future of Real Estate and Education

Sarah Liew
Photo Courtesy: Dr. Sarah Liew

In the dynamic interplay of technology, education, and business innovation that characterizes our era, Dr. Sarah Liew emerges as a beacon of interdisciplinary prowess. With an illustrious career that spans over thirty years, she has recently added to her repertoire with the publication of “The Complete Guide to Real Estate: Building, Managing, and Expanding Your Business.” 

This book distills Dr. Liew’s rich experience and forward-thinking approach into a vital resource for those navigating the competitive terrain of real estate.

Dr. Liew’s journey is anchored in a deep commitment to education. As Principal of Meridian Intuition Technology University, she has steered the institution into a vanguard position at the intersection of technological innovation and educational excellence. Her path was initially carved in academia, where her roles ranged from professorship to school teaching, foundational experiences that honed her dedication to blending educational rigor with actionable business insights.

Her influence extends beyond academia; as a pastor, Dr. Liew has seamlessly integrated ethical stewardship and community engagement into her professional ethos. This comprehensive leadership style has marked her tenure across various sectors, including notable strides in fintech and ecommerce.

Bridging Divides

“The Complete Guide to Real Estate” stands as a testament to Dr. Liew’s belief in the transformative power of uniting cutting-edge technology with established real estate practices for sectoral advancement. The book offers an insightful look into how digital marketing tactics, ecommerce tools, and fintech innovations can be harnessed by real estate professionals to foster growth, enhance efficiency, and scale operations.

A Legacy Cemented by Impact

More than her technical achievements, it is Dr. Liew’s role as a mentor and educator that amplifies her legacy – inspiring many to pursue excellence across both educational landscapes and business ventures alike. Her pioneering work in fintech not only heralds innovative financial solutions but also champions accessibility to investments, which bolsters real estate sector growth.

Under her guidance, Meridian Intuition Technology University stands as an exemplar of marrying technological advancements with curricular offerings – preparing students for the evolving demands of today’s job market.

Photo Courtesy: Dr. Sarah Liew

A Blueprint for Success

Dr. Liew’s book is more than just a manual; it is an indispensable companion for anyone aspiring to master the intricacies of the real estate industry amidst its evolving landscape. It encapsulates theoretical knowledge alongside practical strategies peppered with real-world examples encompassing all facets, from foundational principles to operational management and market expansion techniques.

This comprehensive guide sheds light on leveraging technological innovation not only as a tool for gaining a competitive edge but also as a means for embedding ethical practice within professional pursuits – mirroring Dr. Liew’s career-long advocacy for integrating moral values in business strategy.

Photo Courtesy: Dr. Sarah Liew


Dr. Sarah Liew’s “The Complete Guide to Real Estate: Building, Managing, and Expanding Your Business” crystallizes not just decades of industry insight but also embodies a profound commitment towards nurturing talent through education fused with ethical considerations – setting readers on a trajectory towards achieving unparalleled success in real estate ventures.

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Dr. Sarah Liew invites you on this journey – one where education meets innovation underpinned by ethical integrity – illuminating paths towards realizing not just business excellence but also contributing towards societal betterment within the realms of real estate and beyond.

Photo Courtesy: Dr. Sarah Sun Liew

Dr. Liew’s forthcoming book will soon be available on Amazon alongside her collection of 20 other published works.

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