Redefining Building Construction Materials

Redefining Building Construction Materials
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In the evolving world of design and construction, innovative materials play a crucial role. One Australia-based company is making strides in this area specializing in Aluminium Battens and Aluminium Cladding, setting new benchmarks in the construction materials sector.

The Birth of Innovation

The shift towards innovation in construction materials was catalyzed by increasing demand for enhanced quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal in building designs. Recognizing this need, the industry began to explore materials that could offer more than just functional value. The advent of advanced aluminium systems signified a major transformation in construction methodologies, marrying aesthetics with practicality. These systems not only provided improved longevity and structural integrity but also introduced a new dimension of visual appeal to architectural designs. This pivotal development was not just a change in material choice; it represented a broader movement towards integrating design elegance with enduring functionality in construction.

Signature Aluminium Systems

At the forefront of the construction industry’s transformation are advanced aluminium systems, meticulously engineered to align with contemporary architectural demands. These systems stand out for their exceptional durability, ease of installation, and sophisticated aesthetics, appealing to a broad spectrum of design needs. Designed with an in-depth understanding of modern architectural requirements, they surpass traditional expectations in both functionality and style. By examining their technical attributes, such as a superior strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance, and design flexibility, these aluminium systems demonstrate their superiority over conventional materials. Their innovative features address common industry challenges, offering sustainable, cost-effective, and aesthetically versatile solutions, thus marking a significant advancement in construction methodologies.

Aluminium Battens

Alteria’s Aluminium Batten System offers an innovative approach to modern construction, marked by its two-piece click-fixing system designed for beauty, longevity, and a modern difference to metal battens. Available in 30mm and 50mm sizes, these battens are easy to install, feature a premium powder-coated finish, and come in over 50 wood-look and on-trend colors. They are non-combustible, sustainable, and Australian-made​​.

The system is perfect for various applications, including walls, ceilings, fences, screens, and garage doors, using a direct fix two-piece click system for easy installation. The battens, comprising a cover and base, are available in 30mm and 50mm sizes, allowing for versatility in design​​.

Alteria offers Aluminium Batten Joiners to create longer battens with 50x50mm, 50×100, and 50×150 covers​​. Accessories include screw fit and concealed fit end caps, with the latter providing a seamless finish without exposed screws. Mounting plates are available for securing battens in floor-to-ceiling applications​​​​.

The battens boast an extensive selection of premium powder-coat finishes, including wood-look and on-trend options, divided into five ranges to help customers make their signature statement​​​​.

In terms of specifications, Alteria Aluminium Battens are suitable for both internal and external installations, with various layout and design options available. External installations do not provide weatherproofing, so appropriate exterior cladding is necessary. The battens can be installed directly to most internal linings or fixed straight to the ceiling grid​​.

The battens are made from Aluminium 6060 T5 Alloy, available in standard 6500mm lengths, with multiple profile sizes in the 30mm and 50mm series. They also offer a range of accessories including end caps, mounting plates, and color-matched screws​​​​.

Alteria’s Aluminium Batten Systems have undergone fire tests and are deemed non-combustible, complying with the Building Code of Australia’s requirements for non-combustible materials​​. The products come with a Signature Warranty covering durability, color, and system integrity, and require very low maintenance compared to timber or steel​​​​.

Aluminium Cladding

Alteria’s Interlocking Aluminium Cladding Systems, designed for beauty, longevity, and ease of installation, offer a sustainable and weatherproof solution for modern construction. These claddings are available in 125mm and 180mm board sizes, providing a full range of accessories for seamless installation. The system features a premium powder-coated finish in over 50 wood-look and on-trend colors, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and durability.

The claddings utilize an interlocking system fixed directly to top hat or timber battens, suitable for various sizes and applications. This range includes a complete suite of proprietary trims and accessories, such as Starter and Finisher profiles, Joiner profiles, and Corner Profiles for internal and external corners.

Alteria offers a stunning collection of over 50 premium powder-coat finishes, divided into five ranges to help customers make personalized statements with their cladding choices. The claddings are suitable for both internal and external installations, installed horizontally or vertically, and designed to be weathertight, although a moisture management plan is essential for external applications.

Constructed from Aluminium 6060 T5 Alloy, Alteria claddings and accessories come in standard 6500mm lengths, with a variety of accessory options like two-piece Joiner and Finisher profiles, Corner profiles, and Z profiles. 

These systems have been fire tested and are deemed non-combustible, complying with the Building Code of Australia’s requirements for non-combustible materials. Alteria offers a comprehensive warranty on their products, covering durability, color retention, and system integrity, ensuring a lasting quality of the cladding systems. Additionally, the aluminium claddings require low maintenance, especially compared to timber or steel, though some general maintenance is necessary for color longevity .

A Blend of Aesthetics and Functionality

The transformative impact of these materials in the construction industry is best exemplified by their diverse applications. These innovative materials enhance both the visual appeal and structural integrity of various construction projects, from modern residential buildings to commercial complexes. They provide architects and builders with creative freedom while ensuring robustness and longevity. The versatility of these materials allows for unique design possibilities, contributing to the aesthetic landscape of cities and communities.

Furthermore, these materials are setting new benchmarks in the construction sector. Their influence extends beyond individual projects, shaping broader industry trends in material quality, design innovation, and sustainable construction practices. This paradigm shift towards using advanced materials is a testament to the industry’s commitment to excellence and adaptability in a rapidly evolving world.

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