Real Estate Expert Jason Lassiter Revitalizes the Industry with a Luxury Tour Bus Experience Unlike Any Other

When it comes to real estate, the customer experience is a valuable facet. However, as the age-old real estate industry continues to mature, an apparent lack of innovation in the customer experience has become increasingly evident. Real estate expert Jason Lassiter has devoted much of his time and efforts to remedying this long-standing issue, introducing a revolutionary approach to the industry with the Flip This Town Tour.

Born and raised in New York, Jason Lassiter is an innovator in the real estate industry and beyond. Working as an IT security analyst, he has earned his keep as a renowned real estate professional by flipping over 100 homes within the last decade alone. On the cusp of lifelong real estate success, he sought to further elevate the customer experience by revitalizing how his clients perceive real estate transactions. 

Since the inception of his thriving career, he has built a pristine reputation in the industry by closing exceptional wholesale deals and investment contracts. Seamlessly blending his business acumen and impeccable work ethic, Jason Lassiter has captured a beloved client base eagerly awaiting whatever project he does next. 

The Flip This Town Tour continues to stand as one of Lassiter’s tremendous achievements in the space. Bringing an entirely new dynamic to the real estate process, the tour boasts a luxury tour bus that takes clients on the road to see the best off-market deals. The tour offers an experience unlike any other, helping discerning customers fix, flip, buy, and hold properties in an ever-changing real estate market.

As a lifelong learner himself, Jason Lassiter has also dedicated his craft to the education of aspiring real estate professionals. Molding the minds of next-generation real estate titans, he published his bestselling book, “Work 9 to 5 and Flip on the Side.” Since its release, the book has become a coveted tome of knowledge that helps educate young and thriving minds about the ins and outs of the cutthroat real estate industry.

With a burning passion for improving the real estate industry and serving his clients for the better, Jason Lassiter also established the non-profit organization Safety52. Bad actors tend to run rampant within any burgeoning industry. Lassiter fully acknowledges that there are far too many victims of these types of people. So in order to prevent the constant abuse, neglect, and exploitation that these bad actors have caused, Jason Lassiter established Safety52 as a means to help children and elderly adults through innovative solutions such as smart housing and wearable technologies. Setting the gold standard for cutting-edge solutions, elevated customer service, and passion for real estate, Lassiter has reached the summits of the industry and propelled himself to an even greater vantage point. 

With the influence that he has acquired over the years, Jason Lassiter continues to fight for the general public, helping them manifest their own destinies, obtain their dream homes, and find business success all at once. In Lassiter’s eyes, there is no greater joy than seeing his clients succeed in whatever they do. This is why he has become the go-to professional when it comes to everything about real estate.


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