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Portland, Oregon – The travel industry is set to embark on a new journey with the launch of Moseley & Koch, a global communications firm specializing in travel and tourism. Co-founded by William Moseley and Ryan Koch, both of whom bring extensive experience in the travel sector, Moseley & Koch is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. The firm is committed to revolutionizing communications for travel businesses and government travel programs, operating under the guiding philosophy of “Strategize. Optimize. Succeed,” with a specific focus on the travel industry.

Founders’ Expertise in Travel and Tourism

William Moseley offers a wealth of experience in communications, with a career spanning over a decade working with travel organizations, tourism boards, and hospitality brands. His expertise includes crafting compelling narratives for destinations, enhancing brand visibility, and engaging strategies for customer acquisition and retention in the travel sector. Moseley’s deep understanding of the travel industry’s nuances makes him an invaluable asset to Moseley & Koch.

Ryan Koch brings to the table a robust background in analytics and strategy, particularly tailored to travel and tourism. He has a proven track record of analyzing travel trends, understanding consumer behavior, and designing effective communication strategies that resonate with travelers and stakeholders alike. His insights are crucial for travel businesses looking to navigate the competitive and ever-changing travel landscape.

Moseley & Koch’s Travel-Focused Services

Moseley & Koch is dedicated to serving the travel industry with a wide range of specialized communication services. These include strategic branding for travel organizations, marketing campaigns for tourism destinations, public relations for hospitality brands, and communication strategies for government travel programs. With a focus solely on travel and tourism, Moseley & Koch ensures a more profound and nuanced approach to each project, understanding the specific challenges and opportunities inherent in the travel industry.

Vision and Mission with Travel at the Core

The vision of Moseley & Koch is to become the premier communications partner for the travel industry, recognized for innovative strategies and impactful results. The firm’s mission is to leverage the founders’ extensive experience in travel and tourism to help clients navigate, grow, and thrive in this vibrant industry.

Partnerships with Travel Businesses and Government Programs

Moseley & Koch is actively seeking partnerships with travel businesses, tourism authorities, hospitality brands, and government entities involved in travel and tourism programs. The firm is ready to offer strategic advice, innovative solutions, and a collaborative approach, guiding clients through the complexities of the travel industry with a focus on achieving tangible results.

Case Studies in Travel Communications

Both founders have a history of successful collaborations within the travel sector. William Moseley has worked on high-profile destination marketing campaigns, managed crisis communications for travel disruptions, and developed branding strategies for new travel services. Ryan Koch has provided analytics-driven insights for tourism trends, tailored marketing strategies for niche travel markets, and supported government entities in promoting travel programs. These case studies demonstrate the depth of experience and strategic approach that Moseley & Koch brings to the table.

Invitation to Travel Industry Collaborators

Moseley & Koch extends a warm invitation to travel and tourism businesses, government agencies with travel programs, and other stakeholders in the travel sector looking for a communications partner that deeply understands their needs and aspirations. The firm is eager to collaborate, strategize, and help clients achieve success in the dynamic world of travel.

In Conclusion

The launch of Moseley & Koch marks a new chapter in travel communications. With a dedicated focus on the travel industry, combined with the extensive experience of its founders, Moseley & Koch is set to become a leading advocate and strategic partner for travel businesses and government travel programs. Under the expert guidance of William Moseley and Ryan Koch, Moseley & Koch invites travel industry professionals to embark on a journey of collaboration, innovation, and shared success. For more information, visit


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