Need Trusted Help With Your Roofing Project? Look No Further Than Rooftop Warriors

Need Trusted Help With Your Roofing Project? Look No Further Than Rooftop Warriors
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Loyal, hardworking, and honest are a few of the traits that define Rooftop Warriors, a roofing company quickly becoming one of the most trusted in its area. Read on to learn more. 

The roofing industry is continually expanding in the construction world, with no projection of slowing down. And that’s heavily due to the demand for new buildings and infrastructure in the US. But this growth means an influx of new roofing companies, and when that happens, it’s important to choose a reliable and trusted source. 

According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), roofing contractors were ranked 46 out of 4,510 industries for complaints in 2020. And for that year alone, received 3,392 total complaints which comes to about 9 complaints each day. Just because a business has a website and team doesn’t mean they’re properly licensed or equipped with the necessary tools, skills, knowledge, and professionalism to provide service. 

And when it comes to your roof, you only want the best in the business to safeguard your investment and those inside the property. After all, a home is not complete without a roof, especially a reliable one. 

If your home or business needs a professional roofing service, say no more – Rooftop Warriors has got you covered. Serving the Philadelphia area, the company is a go-to resource for the community’s roofing needs, whether waterproofing, shingling, or installing a new roof. 

The company offers an end-to-end client experience providing only the best communication, budgeting, staffing, on-site organization, and trusted handiwork. 

“Building trust with quality work,” is Rooftop Warriors’ commitment and guarantee. Founded by president and CEO Shawn Nichol Junior in 2020, the company is here to serve its people first, and that’s exactly what they do. As a veteran-owned business, Rooftop Warriors knows the importance of dedication to honor, integrity, and honesty – morals Nichol Jr. built the company on. 

“We strive to meet and follow all manufacturing standards. In doing so, you (the client) know what we build is done the right way which gives everyone peace of mind. Whether flat or pitched, standing seam metal, remodeling or repair we do it all. Licensed and insured,” Nichol Jr. emphasizes. 

This is what makes Rooftop Warriors unique: their dedication to doing work the right way, without cutting corners and sacrificing quality. With a 100% recommendation rating from Home Advisor, powered by Angi, and rated number three out of the top five best metal roofing contractors in Philly by Directorii, their dedication to excellence for every job performed is unmatched, every shingle time. 

Nichol Jr. and his team tackle both apartments and condominiums, servicing shingle roofs, flat modified bitumen roofs, and standing seam metal roofs. The wide array of projects the company handles requires a diverse and incredibly skilled team, a few characteristics that define Rooftop Warriors

To prove just how successful this company is, take a look at one of the many 5-star ratings:

“Shawn and the team were excellent to work with. Work quality was on point. Timeliness was surprisingly great considering the market delays. I highly recommend Rooftop Warriors and will surely use them on future projects.”

And their services don’t stop at roofing – they cover all the bases including siding, skylights, windows, doors, decks, framing, and more. So whatever your project consists of, Rooftop Warriors can help. 

Need Trusted Help With Your Roofing Project? Look No Further Than Rooftop Warriors

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Being part of the roofing industry, since he was 17 years old, and working as a general contractor until the age of 25, Nichol Jr. is well aware of the good, and bad, that often come with running a roofing business. 

“I’ve seen things done extremely poorly around where I’m from and where I’ve worked,” he says, and “I see too many shoddy installs that someone needs to make a change for the better.”And he’s one of the few who’s doing what he can to change this narrative. 

“There aren’t enough roofers where I’m from that are willing to help you,” he said in an interview with Tree Guardians USA. And with the countless roofing businesses popping up yearly, this is the unfortunate reality. But to combat shady companies from taking advantage of home and business owners, Nichol Jr. has made it his mission to not only provide exceptional service for his clients but also educate those in his community. 

“I’m trying to be a beacon of education and knowledge to those in my area or anywhere for that matter,” he shares. All too often, people leave their roof until it starts showing problems, but your roof is your building’s first line of defense. As Nichol Jr. believes, it needs professional care and maintenance before problems worsen. It will save you time and a whole lot of money down the road. 

When was the last time you had your roof inspected? If it’s been too long to recall, your roof requires a check. 

To learn more about Shawn Nichol Junior’s company Rooftop Warriors, visit their website and schedule a free 1-hour at-home visit today to get your roof the care it deserves. 

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