Navigating London’s Real Estate Landscape with Expertise and Vision

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In the vibrant real estate tapestry of London, Ontario,  and its surrounding areas, Stacey Zegers stands as a beacon of expertise and vision. As a seasoned Real Estate Agent, her journey is marked by notable accolades, a commitment to staying ahead of market shifts, and a dedication to providing clients with unparalleled service. This interview explores the facets of her thriving career, revealing insights into her approach, advice for today’s market, and her long-term vision for the world of real estate.

Market Mastery:

Stacey Zegers’ real estate domain encompasses the diverse landscape of London and its surrounding areas. Her role as a Real Estate Agent is not just a profession but a passion-driven pursuit of helping others find financial freedom through real estate.

Career Highlights:

The recipient of the Realty Firm Circle of Excellence Award 2022 and the Realty Firm Masters Award 2021, Stacey Zegers has etched her name among the distinguished achievers in the real estate realm.

Staying Ahead of the Curve:

Zegers adopts a proactive approach to stay abreast of changes in the real estate market. Regularly reviewing local market statistics, she analyzes trends to provide clients with the most up-to-date information. Her commitment to weekly analyses sets her apart, offering clients insights beyond the monthly statistics provided by most counterparts.

Advice for Today’s Market:

With the market undergoing shifts, Zegers offers timely advice. Sellers are encouraged to consider selling first before buying, given the current trend of declining over-asking sales. To buyers, she advocates a balanced approach — taking the time to choose wisely while recognizing the potential for rising home prices if interest rates decrease.

Long-Term Vision:

Zegers envisions a future marked by continued service to her community. Her long-term plan involves serving more buyers and sellers while incorporating streamlined communication tools to enhance client satisfaction and transaction efficiency.

Client Communication and Education:

Understanding that each client brings a unique level of real estate knowledge, Zegers tailors her communication approach accordingly. Starting from the basics, she adapts her communication style to match the specific needs of the client, ensuring a comfortable and knowledgeable experience for every transaction.

Determining Property Value:

In an evolving market, Zegers employs a comprehensive approach to assess property value. From local comparables and cost-per-square-foot analyses to exploring homes in similar demographics or towns, she delves deep into the intricacies. Her nuanced approach even involves comparing recent sales with those from previous years, factoring in market changes and the percentage of value increase over time.

Personal Touch:

Beyond the professional realm, Stacey Zegers offers a glimpse into her personal journey — from purchasing her first home 15 years ago to venturing into property flipping, renovations, and realizing her dream home while raising her two daughters. Her community involvement, whether on a local stage with a band for charity or contributing to the community in various ways, reflects a well-rounded professional committed to making a positive impact.

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