Monica English: From Pageant Queen to Real Estate Entrepreneur – A Tale of Hardship, Courage, and Triumph

Monica English: From Pageant Queen to Real Estate Entrepreneur - A Tale of Hardship, Courage, and Triumph
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Monica English’s story is a narrative of tenacity and spirited determination. From her early victory as Little Miss Hughes Elizabeth Lakes at eight years old to being a successful real estate investor and mentor, Monica has ceaselessly demonstrated her relentless pursuit of dreams and ambitions.

Monica’s journey in the world of pageants was ignited at an early age, and the flames have never dimmed. Her early success in the world of pageantry and subsequent title of Miss Quartz Hill during her high school years only served to bolster her association with the world of glitz and self-expression. Participating in myriad pageants throughout her life offered Monica a platform to showcase her talents and helped her grow as a woman of substance. It equipped her with much-needed confidence, polished interview skills, and an opportunity to cultivate meaningful relationships with a diverse range of women. Indeed, Monica’s journey in pageantry has been instrumental in honing real-life skills that later contributed to her entrepreneurial pursuits.

As a student at UC Irvine, Monica’s entrepreneurial spirit began to take form. At the tender age of 18, she ventured into real estate and gradually expanded her portfolio. Despite initially starting small, her determination and business acumen led her to diversify and expand her investments. From transferring her properties to Michigan for better prospects, starting a mentorship program for aspiring models and pageant queens, dabbling in Airbnb, to successfully acquiring her real estate license, Monica’s entrepreneurial journey carries a testament to both her versatility and her relentless determination.

Today, Monica aspires to broaden her avenues in the realm of real estate by growing her team and business, always on the lookout for new projects and opportunities. As someone who was formerly homeless for a short period, she hopes to help others achieve their homeownership goals and make the process as smooth and easy as possible. She also continues her incredible pageant career. She was formerly Miss California Regency International and now holds the title of Miss World America.

Monica English: From Pageant Queen to Real Estate Entrepreneur - A Tale of Hardship, Courage, and Triumph

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Yet this trailblazing journey has not been devoid of hurdles. Her life is a poignant narrative of struggle and survival, from circumventing the harsh realities of foster care to overcoming homelessness. These challenges might have deterred a weaker spirit, but Monica faced each adversity head-on, emerging stronger and more resilient. Her drive and tenacity have been fuelled by her vision for a brighter future, her family, and her partner.

Monica has always endeavored to reciprocate the support and faith her loved ones have instilled in her throughout her trying times. She ardently believes in the immense potential of mentorship and the dividends it pays in shaping one’s future. As Monica brilliantly puts it, “Follow your purpose and build the support system. I think that one of the most important things is to invest in mentorship and in your future. And start even when you’re not ready.”

Monica English’s journey serves as an inspiring beacon, guiding those who face adversity and showing them that their dreams are achievable through determination and perseverance. Her story is a potent reminder of the importance of embracing challenges, recognizing the opportunities they present for growth, and remaining driven by passion in the face of adversities.

Monica is a shining testament to what can be achieved when one relentlessly chases one’s passions. As she continues to scale new heights in her career, her extraordinary journey continues to inspire others, reminding them that they, too, have the ability to overcome, thrive, and reach their dreams. Monica’s story, indeed, is far from over. She continues to inspire, challenge and surpass expectations, proving that determination, resilience, and hustle always pave a path to success.

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