Million Dollar Luxe: Los Angeles’s Best Luxury Neighborhoods to Stay In and How to Stay There

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Los Angeles has for decades been one of the great tourist destinations of the world. Inspired by images of Hollywood and celebrity culture, people flock to the enormous city for the glitz and the glamor. However, like any megalopolis, not every neighborhood is created equal. Some are worthy of Los Angeles’s preceding reputation, others decidedly not. If you are coming to Los Angeles and are looking for the best neighborhoods with luxury mansions to stay in, this guide has you covered.


Beverly Hills & Bel Air

Perhaps the most famous neighborhood in the entire city, Beverly Hills has long been home to those associated with the movie business, from movie stars to directors. Technically its own city, Beverly Hills has a private police force, making it one of the safest to stay in. Residential streets, especially north of Santa Monica Boulevard, are lined with mansion after mansion. Centrally located halfway between downtown Los Angeles and the beach, Beverly Hills is also the perfect base for exploring all that LA has to offer. Beverly Hills has a commercial downtown, with fine dining and high-end boutiques lining the famous Rodeo Drive and nearby streets. 

A few minutes drive away, Bel Air is similar to Beverly Hills in many ways, although more residential. A completely gated community, Bel Air is equally safe. Many celebrities, from Beyoncé to Elon Musk, have called Bel Air home at some point or another. 



For those largely interested in experiencing LA’s beach culture, but still want an opulent stay, Malibu is the place to be. LA’s elite have been moving here for decades, and it is no wonder why. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Malibu provides an escape from the city while still being a short drive to Beverly Hills or the airport. A tourist attraction itself, the journey takes one along the scenic Pacific Coast Highway. Malibu also provides easy access to wonderful hikes and trails in the Santa Monica Mountains, as well as nearby wineries. In that sense, Malibu is great for those that want to experience the more scenic side of Southern California, but with access to the city. Fine dining experiences abound in Malibu, with many lining the cliffs overlooking the water. 

If you are interested in an affluent Southern California stay, but do not care as much for being so close to the heart of Los Angeles, you can stay in one of many of the idyllic beach town communities south of the city. There is no shortage of options from Manhattan Beach to Laguna Beach to south Orange County to Manhattan Beach, which is especially great for those who want to stay close to LAX airport. 


Pacific Palisades & Brentwood

These two neighborhoods, situated next to each other, are known for their large and traditional single-family estates. Located along the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains, many homes here still offer stunning ocean views, although at more of a distance than you would get in Malibu. These homes afford easier city access than Malibu, but are still a close enough drive to all of the best west LA sights. Brentwood is also home to the world-famous art collections at the Getty Center museum. Both neighborhoods are disconnected from public transit in Los Angeles and as such are rather safe. 


The Best Way to Book an LA Mansion

Although these LA neighborhoods have plenty of mansions to offer those interested in short-term rentals, it is still a competitive market and a surprisingly difficult one to navigate at that. If you are planning on making the trip and any of these neighborhoods appeal to you, Million Dollar Luxe (MDL) is the premiere short-term rental service for arranging your vacation. With luxury cottages in Malibu, skyline view estates in Beverly Hills, and grand homes in the Palisades and Brentwood, MDL has all of the bases covered. Unlike staying in a luxury hotel, renting a home means you have the entire property to yourself. Thankfully, you will not be left wanting for any hotel amenities, as MDL guarantees 5-star hospitality and concierge services that can help secure reservations at top restaurants, charter yachts, or simply provide recommendations on how to enjoy the city. Further, the MDL team prides itself on ensuring all of its properties feel warm and welcoming.

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