Michael Lush: A Journey of Resilience and Innovation in the Mortgage Industry

Michael Lush: A Journey of Resilience and Innovation in the Mortgage Industry
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In the dynamic world of real estate financing, few stories are as compelling as that of Michael Lush, the founder of Replace Your Mortgage and Replace Your University. Lush’s journey, marked by resilience and innovation, offers a unique perspective on overcoming adversity and transforming challenges into opportunities.

From Loan Officer to Industry Innovator

Michael Lush’s career in the mortgage industry began with a rapid ascent from a Loan Officer to a Director of Operations. His early success, however, met a sudden halt in 2008 when the economic downturn led to the closure of his company, resulting in widespread layoffs. This period tested Lush’s resilience, but it also became a learning ground where he acquired various techniques and strategies in real estate financing.

A Setback Turns into a Comeback

A few months after the layoff, Lush was called back to lead the operation. This period was crucial for him, as he gleaned valuable insights and strategies that would later shape his entrepreneurial ventures. It was during this phase that Lush realized the potential for a different approach to mortgage and real estate financing.

Founding Replace Your Mortgage and Replace Your University

In 2014, taking a significant leap of faith, Lush left the mortgage industry to start his own business. His company, Replace Your Mortgage, focused on educating consumers on using home equity lines of credit for purchasing or refinancing homes. This innovative approach aimed to simplify and accelerate the process of home ownership.

The Role of Mindset in Overcoming Challenges

In an insightful interview, Lush credits his success to the right mindset. He emphasizes the importance of mental strength, stating, “everything starts with the foundation of having a strong mind.” His journey included overcoming tough times in business, severing toxic relationships, and continuously challenging himself to grow mentally.

Lush’s philosophy goes beyond just being mentally strong; it involves conditioning the mind to handle adversity, much like training a muscle. He recounts his experiences in a demanding physical program, where he learned to push beyond perceived limits. This philosophy translated into his business practices, enabling him to navigate through challenges and uncertainties.

A Metaphor for Life and Business

Lush draws parallels between his physical and mental conditioning and business success. He believes that pushing past barriers in physical activities is a metaphor for overcoming challenges in business and personal relationships. This mindset, according to Lush, is essential for anyone looking to benefit from his financial strategies.

Breaking Through Conventional Thinking

An essential aspect of Lush’s teaching at Replace Your University is encouraging individuals to break through conventional thinking. He acknowledges that his methods might conflict with traditional financial wisdom, but he asserts that a strong, conditioned mindset can lead to significant breakthroughs in personal finance.


Michael Lush’s story is more than just a tale of business acumen; it’s a testament to the power of resilience, innovation, and mental strength. His journey from a setback in 2008 to establishing a pioneering approach in real estate financing illustrates that with the right mindset, one can turn challenges into stepping stones for success. As Lush puts it, “what am I capable of doing if I do it every single day for the rest of my life?” His story inspires many to find out the answer to this question in their own lives.


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