Mastering the Craft: The Expansive Services of Clearview Roofing

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In the world of roofing and construction, expertise, skill, and trust form the bedrock of success. A beacon of these values is Clearview Roofing, a company rooted in Nassau and Suffolk, with another branch soon to open in Babylon, NY. Under the seasoned leadership of Christopher Feniello, Clearview Roofing offers an array of services, from roofing and construction to insurance claim assistance and driveway repair.

The strength of Clearview Roofing lies in its breadth of services, each curated with homeowners’ needs in mind. Their comprehensive range includes roofing, construction, and restoration projects, remodeling, sheetrock, paint, and water mitigation. Feniello explains, “Our work encompasses all aspects of construction and restoration, whether the task at hand is remodeling or dealing with an insurance claim.”

The Clearview team has honed a unique specialization: the installation of flat roofs, skylights, and slate, products that are often incorrectly installed in the industry. Feniello emphasizes the significance of this service, “Our certification in these areas sets us apart, making us a reliable choice for homeowners.”

Moreover, homeowners owning properties aged a century or more have specific needs that Clearview addresses with proficiency. Feniello points out, “Slate roofing on houses that are over 100 years old is a challenge that many homeowners face. We specialize in such tasks, providing a much-needed solution.”

Clear Roofing

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Among Clearview Roofing’s other services is driveway repair and seal, a process meticulously designed to restore driveways and extend their lifespan. Describing this unique service, Feniello says, “We fill wall cracks with crack fill and seal it with the best sealer on the market. This process can help homeowners get 5-10 more years from their driveways before needing a replacement.” 

Clearview Roofing doesn’t stop at external renovations. Providing services throughout Long Island NY and beyond, they also handle interior remodeling, including framing extensions and open kitchen designs. “Our services extend to the interiors too. Be it framing extensions, building open kitchens, decks, or fences, we have the expertise,” assures Feniello.

In addition to their varied services, Clearview Roofing assists homeowners in navigating insurance claims for roof damage. Feniello explains, “We help homeowners receive funding for their roof damage. Many homeowners are unaware that their insurance coverage includes such events, and the internal damages that come with them.” Their roofing services include, but are not limited to: Shingle roofing, TPO and EPDM Rubber Flat roofing, slate roofing, cedar shake roofing and skylights.

The high regard for Clearview Roofing is evident in their hundreds of 5-star reviews. When asked about this success, Feniello credits it to their approach to customer satisfaction, “If we make a mistake, we correct it. We strive to ensure every customer leaves a business transaction with a good experience.”

Clear Roofing

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Finally, as Clearview Roofing expands to meet the growing demand for storm-related roofing damage and flooding events, their focus on customer service remains steadfast. “We’re opening a new location in Babylon, NY, equipped to handle these insurance-related claims,” reveals Feniello.

By using equipment that doesn’t damage driveways and ensuring careful clean-up after work, Clearview Roofing reflects its commitment to delivering comprehensive, considerate service.

Offering an impressive portfolio of services and championing customer satisfaction, Clearview Roofing under Christopher Feniello’s leadership has etched a place for itself in the industry. The name stands synonyPostmous with quality, trust, and comprehensive service, fulfilling its promise to deliver the best to homeowners. 

Explore their wealth of services through their official website at and find out why Clearview Roofing stands above the rest with their commitment to quality service.

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