Manisha Pratapsinh’s Growth Into an Entrepreneur

Manisha Pratapsinh’s Growth Into an Entrepreneur
Photo Courtesy: Adasat Barroso

By: Silvia Garcia

Society’s norms used to dictate that a woman has no business being in business. But the modern woman has other plans. Gone are the days when society confined women within their homes and looked down on their contributions to society. Now, women are achieving new heights and breaking gender-based barriers every day. 

The transportation industry is no exception to the sectors where women leave their marks. Across the globe, women are spearheading innovation and change. In Mozambique, the role falls onto Manisha Pratapsinh, who NY Weekly recognized as Woman of the Week. 

So what did Manisha do to earn the recognition? For starters, she founded a private bus company in Mozambique to make a difference and provide a solution to the public. By taking on the challenge, she opened herself up to criticism from society, particularly to those who have yet to fully embrace how women are coming into their own as entrepreneurs. 

“For a long time, I hid my business side out of fear of what people might say and judge me since it’s an area dominated by men,” she said. Fortunately, this fear didn’t last long as circumstances in life led her to some strong women who encouraged her to talk more about Manisha, the businesswoman. 

Manisha knew what she needed to do for her plans to succeed. She turned her fear into passion, ready to prove naysayers wrong. 

The Mozambican entrepreneur supported her ideas by adhering to her core values: humility, commitment, honesty, and leadership. With these leading Manisha in her daily activities, she feels more confident that she’ll make the right decisions for her company’s growth. 

Nonetheless, Manisha knew it wasn’t going to be an easy journey. She must try her best to balance everything on her plate. 

“I won’t say it’s easy because it’s not. But I always prioritize God and my family, and then my business. I do my best to balance everything, but it’s not always easy; life is made of sacrifices,” she said. 

So far, Manisha has taken the necessary steps to ensure her private bus company’s long-term survival. For instance, she studied the market and identified areas with a higher demand for this type of service to deal with concerns regarding logistical aspects, regulations, and personnel management.

On the other hand, she’s also expanding her bus company’s purpose. Although she began with the idea of providing Mozambicans with quality transportation services, with some more focus on rural areas, Manisha used her platform to provide the community with an income source. 

“All my employees are from my country, as the unemployment rate in Mozambique is 25 percent, and my goal is to help the community,” she said. 

Manisha has undoubtedly come into her own as an entrepreneur. Despite the challenges that came with the territory and a little social prejudice, she pushed through and proved to everyone that women can be catalysts for change. As she continues to lead her company and community down the path of success, Manisha is confident that she can bring them to greater heights. 

As Pratapsinh navigated the challenges of starting her private bus company in Mozambique, she faced not only the hurdles of business logistics but also the societal pressure that still persists against women in positions of leadership. However, Manisha refused to be confined by outdated norms and instead embraced her role in the transportation industry.

Driven by her passion and guided by her core values, Manisha approached her venture with humility, commitment, honesty, and a strong sense of leadership. She understood the importance of balancing her responsibilities as a businesswoman with her personal commitments to her faith and family. Despite the inevitable sacrifices that come with entrepreneurship, Manisha remained steadfast in her dedication to both her company’s success and the well-being of her employees and community.

Published by: Martin De Juan

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