Malibu Billionaire Steven Kronick Wins World’s First Verified Trillionaire Title

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In a dream in a Malibu mountaintop mansion the word Visual Targeting® was shown to visual entertainment entrepreneur Steven Kronick who knew that it was a sign from God so in good faith he started a brand.

That brand became the world’s industry standard in visual style trusted by Fortune 500 businesses, bestsellers, celebrities, in 181 world nations, winning three United States Patents. With its proprietary software the brand has always enjoyed business valuations that are in the billions.

“It’s something that helps everybody. It helps make one person happy. It helps make fans happy. It helps make family happy. It helps make people happy. It helps satisfy billions so then it helps make humanity happy.”

Steven Kronick shares his story from a multi million dollar penthouse on Worth Avenue Beach, in love with the ocean view.

“I love to live on the beach, with an ocean view, that makes me happy. I always live with an ocean view. I love the ocean view. I love the nature that the ocean views share. I think that every person has a view that if they live in that view then it makes them happy. I had to trust that perspective to love this life and to build this brand.”

Islands, beaches, mountains, oceans, kept Steven Kronick happy in his twenties and thirties, so that he had the freedom to meditate and pray. Steven says that it is God that helps him build a happy life and that happy life helps build the brand that helps make humanity happy.

“Real estate is the most important business in the world. Real estate that makes you happy helps you live. Real estate is something that every person and business must invest in so that is very rare in business.”

Visual Style is something that every person must live with. So if there is one style that makes you happy, that you find to be a pleasant surprise, then that is something that is worth keeping up with, when you shop for fashion, automotive, entertainment, and real estate.

The Visual Targeting® brand started by Steven Kronick helps people find the one visual style that makes them happy. The proprietary technology creates up to 11 trillion Visual Palettes that show you your favorite hues, shapes, all the most important visual style elements that you would want to use to impress the person that your Visual Palette represents.

The Visual Palettes may represent you, your family, your spouse, your kids, your house. You may then make gifts that are in harmony with all their favorite styles that are most satisfying to them today.

Building the Visual Targeting® brand Steven Kronick always invested in beautiful real estate. From a spectacular Malibu mountaintop mansion above the ocean, to Malibu oceanfront penthouses, to a Malibu beach oceanfront mansion on a private cliff, then to oceanfront penthouses on Palm Beach Island. Steven was always sure that this way was the best, with every oceanfront real estate upgrade bringing him more love, so in this faithful style he enjoyed three all American platinum blonde model girlfriends that all became his fiancées.

“God’s love is the most important power to be in harmony with. The news said the other day that people are happiest when they are hoping to find their spouse that they want to start a family with. So that is the easiest way to live in love. And that love that makes you happy helps make miracles happen. That straight christian love is so powerful.”

Realtors, Builders, Architects, Stylists, and Real Estate Agencies, win from using Visual Targeting® to satisfy their clients. Matching their real estate inventory to their individual customers’ favorite visual styles helps realtors sell property faster and for the highest prices. Showing clients their dream houses that make them feel like God heard their prayers, makes their most favorite dreams come true. Steven was a teenager when he started training real estate agencies, entrepreneurs, and chambers of commerce on how to sell properly. It was after training around a hundred entrepreneurs on visual branding and sales, that Steven Kronick started his world leading multinational brand.

Businesses review Visual Palettes that represent their employees, their shareholders, buyers, favorite fans. The StyleSuite automated software algorithms help businesses find the proprietary Visual Palettes that best satisfy their favorite fans, methods that are protected by multiple United States Patents share up to an estimated 174 trillion unique visual style recommendations that a business may use to satisfy any fanbase.

Steven Kronick went on to win a Worldwide Humanitarian Award, a Lifetime Achievement Award, together with the world’s first verified trillionaire title, from the United States’ most trusted 124 year old certification group that saves world history, honoring entertainers, celebrities, world leaders like Joel Osteen, Hugh Hefner, Franklin Graham, Melinda Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Rockefeller, Taylor Swift and United States Presidents. The history preservation group is promoted by Warren Buffett.


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