Make Way For Massey Roofing Services, Florida’s Best Roofing Contractor Near You

Make Way For Massey Roofing Services, Florida’s Best Roofing Contractor Near You
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Roofing replacement and repair specialists, Massey Roofing Services may be the new kid on Florida’s block, serving both commercial and residential customers, but boy, do they pack a punch. Thanks to Chase Massey and Zachary Buchanan’s veteran-owned and operated empire, the Sunshine State continues to have a saving grace. With over 100 years of construction and roofing experience, “no job is too big” for a team devoted to roofing the right way.

If you reside in Florida or possess a business block in the Sunshine State, ensuring your roof’s safety and upkeep is crucial. 

As its surrounding areas are subject to recurring storms, heat, and humidity in the US, it’s no surprise that roofing repairs and replacements are among the most frequently executed construction projects Floridians are accustomed to dealing with. 

Conversely, roofers are held to a higher standard than elsewhere. For this reason, meeting the requirements to be a roofer in Florida makes it all the more challenging. But despite what they say, one cannot control the weather. 

There is no escaping it. Nevertheless, there is something that you can do to help mitigate the effects of Florida’s climate on your roof. So fear not. 

With the right team by your side, anything is possible. Today more than ever, ceilings are becoming more efficient – acting as a stronger, more protective figure – against rain, snow, sunlight, and extremes.

A powerhouse business that exemplifies this and more is Massey Roofing Services.

Founded in 2017 by Chase Massey, his one-person operation soon expanded with the addition of his business partner at the end of 2021. Now, with Zachary Buchanan by his side, plus a large team of highly experienced vets, the company continues to excel in categories that outperform industry standards.

“What started as a tough grind ended our first quarter together, grossing our first million,” shares Massey. “We finished 2022 on a high, and now, we are on track to hit 20 this year.” 

After growing its operations first, the fully qualified and licensed business prides itself on its strong reputation within the community. They “work directly with your insurance carriers as preferred vendors and can even provide labor to your local contractors.”

Described as a “team that never sleeps,” the family bond that frames their large team is a prime example of why businesses want to work with someone like Massey Roofing Service. They are always “there when you need them.” 

With over 100 years of construction and roofing experience proudly pinned to their chest, meeting customers’ needs while delivering a quality product at a fair price is just the beginning.

As a partner of Hearth Financing, Massey Roofing Services provides a range of financing options that can be tailored to meet the needs of its family-turned-customers. 

“Getting your roof repaired, replaced, or installed should not be a luxury. It is a fundamental piece of your property’s infrastructure,” says Massey Roofing Services. From this, “We charge fair prices, make affordable roofing packages available, and offer flexible options concerning financing.”

Massey Roofing Services offers a comprehensive range of roofing services, from simple residential repairs due to hail and wind to complete commercial roof replacements. Their specialty materials include flat roofing, metal roofing, tile roofing, and more. 

But it goes without saying that while every roofing contractor will offer resources and use the best products and materials available, Massey Roofing Services has distinguished itself as a preferred roofing contractor because of its commitment to excellence.

“We’re a preferred vendor with GAF,” explains Buchanan. A position only a few contractors get the chance to place. “They offer an extravagant 50-year manufacturer warranty and a 10-year artistry warranty. Even if we went out of business tomorrow, the customer is still covered through GAF.”

Make Way For Massey Roofing Services, Florida’s Best Roofing Contractor Near You

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He continues, “It also has an unlimited win rating, which is not voided by any act of God. So if there’s a hurricane, usually, the warranty goes out the window, but with GAF, that’s not the case. They’re covering that warranty if it ripped off shingles for any reason. They have the best warranty on the market, and we can provide it.”

As a veteran-owned and operated company, the Floridian-based company Massey Roofing Services is expanding its operations to new levels.

Their commitment to quality labor also ensures a detailed, meticulous approach to every job they do. With a strong-willed team of over 150 employees highly trained to inspect, propose, and execute daily tasks, it’s no wonder their schedule allows for the completion of up to 50 roofs weekly. 

“After building our strong sales side, handling volumes has become super efficient. We’re never like, ‘Oh, no, we can’t do that job this week because we don’t have the guys to do it’ – that’s not the case with us,” says Massey. “If anything, we can go even further.”

Florida’s best roofing contractors near you have extensive experience in commercial, industrial, and multifamily spaces. Working with various solid, long-lasting materials like EPDM, TPO, PVC, and metal, safeguarding anybody’s business venture with a material organization that treats their rooftop “with the gravity it warrants” is an unquestionable requirement.

“Our team goes the extra mile because we genuinely care about your family, employees, customers, and the investment you are making in them,” concludes the team.

Spread in over 10 Floridian cities, Massey Roofing Services has built local networks in places including Lake City, Palm Coast, Palatka, Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Lakeside, Gainesville, Fernandina Beach, Saint Augustine, Atlantic Beach, Palm Valley, Orlando, Daytona, and Tampa.

Check out their website for your roofing repair/replacement needs.

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