Luxury Real Estate Expert Shares Her Three Tips for Finding Your Dream Vacation Home in Cabo

Luxury Real Estate Expert Shares Her Three Tips for Finding Your Dream Vacation Home in Cabo
Photo Courtesy: Victoria Antoszkiewicz

By: Joshua Finley

Victoria Antoszkiewicz is no stranger to the world of luxury real estate. With a career spanning over two decades, her journey from Poland to the vibrant shores of Cabo, Mexico, has been a testament to her unwavering dedication and expertise in the industry.

A Career Defined by Excellence

Victoria’s professional career began in Warsaw, Poland, where she cultivated her hospitality and management skills. Over the years, she transitioned into managing exclusive properties and resorts in various exotic locales, including Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and the British Virgin Islands. Her commitment to providing unparalleled luxury experiences set her apart, earning her a pristine reputation in hospitality.

However, her move to Cabo in 2014 solidified Victoria’s status as a prominent figure in luxury real estate. Drawn by Cabo’s exquisite beauty and opulent lifestyle, Victoria was captivated by the unique blend of Californian charm and Mexican allure that defines this desirable destination. Since then, she has immersed herself in the local real estate market, specializing in luxury sales and community development and securing her place as a trusted advisor for those seeking their dream home in Cabo.

Experience Starts With Location

“My goal is more than just selling you a property,” Victoria says. “I want to find my clients properties  where they feel  at home.” Drawing from her wealth of experience and expertise, Victoria shares three invaluable tips for finding your next luxury home in Cabo:

Victoria emphasizes the importance of understanding the distinct characteristics and nuances of the area you’re considering for your luxury home purchase. Cabo is renowned for its diverse neighborhoods and communities, each offering a unique blend of amenities and lifestyle. Whether you’re drawn to the vibrant energy of downtown Cabo San Lucas or the serene tranquility of the San Jose del Cabo, knowing your preferred area inside out is essential for making an informed decision.

Flexibility and Patience Are Key

Purchasing a luxury property abroad, especially in a foreign country like Mexico, requires flexibility and patience. “When buying in a foreign country, patience is key,” Victoria advises. “There may be challenges, but I am the one who handles them for my clients.” From navigating legal documentation to setting up essential services like internet and utilities, having a flexible mindset is critical to ensuring a smooth and hassle-free transaction. 

Avoid Legal Issues With Due Diligence 

When it comes to luxury real estate, thorough due diligence is non-negotiable. Victoria underscores the importance of verifying the property’s legal documentation and ownership status, especially when purchasing from a private seller. For buyers considering new developments, she advises ensuring that all necessary permits and approvals are in place, guaranteeing a seamless and legally compliant transaction. “You may have questions about the ins and outs of property ownership in Mexico,” Victoria says. “These are valid, and I’m here to offer not just answers but real, in-depth support.” 

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