KFA Real Estate Club Announces Addition of Industry Veteran Larry Hales to Team

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[Vancouver, 06/17/23] – KFA Real Estate Club, a pioneer in the realm of real estate events and mentorship, today proudly announced the newest addition to its team, Larry Hales. Leaving his mark at WFG, Hales comes to KFA with over three decades of marketing and tech expertise, ready to enrich the community with his invaluable insights and forward-thinking approach. 

A multi-faceted talent, Hales is renowned for his depth of knowledge in advertising, photography, design, and printing. A self-proclaimed computer nerd since 1984, his unique approach to real estate and mortgage marketing has made him a go-to figure for professionals navigating the digital landscape. 

Over the years, Larry Hales has solidified his standing as an altruistic figure in the PNW real estate sector. His commitment to helping fellow agents and loan officers is second to none. His generous spirit and effective mentorship have empowered countless individuals to scale their businesses and reach new heights. 

“Larry is a game-changer in our industry,” said Chad Parks, Founder of KFA Real Estate Club. “His deep expertise in both technology and real estate marketing, coupled with his incredible generosity and mentoring skills, makes him an ideal fit for KFA. We are thrilled to have him on board and eagerly look forward to the value he will bring to our team and our growing community.” In his new role at KFA, Larry Hales will continue to break barriers, sharing his knowledge, shaping innovative strategies, and inspiring growth.  

In addition to joining KFA, Larry has a forthcoming venture into the development of his proprietary artificial intelligence technology that will dramatically shift the way business owners grow their presence online. KFA is honored to provide a platform for Larry to deliver this groundbreaking product to the industry. 

Coupled with KFA, Larry Hales is poised to elevate the real estate landscape to new heights, combining experience, innovation, and a spirit of giving that is sure to make a significant impact in the industry. 

About KFA Real Estate Club:  

“Together We RISE”  

KFA Vision – KFA aims to be the cornerstone of community spirit and collaboration in Clark County’s real estate and financial industries. We envision a future where togetherness, grit and faith are our greatest assets, fostering an environment of shared success and mutual growth. 

KFA Mission – Our mission at KFA is to inspire greater unity, collaboration, and faith within our community. By harnessing resilience and grace, we strive to elevate a new generation of leaders within the real estate and financial sectors. We aim to be a vital resource and networking hub for these professionals, fostering an environment where vulnerability is celebrated and unity is paramount. Through our actions, we aim to embody our commitment to Keep Faith Alive in Clark County. 

History – KFA is a young organization that has stormed the Clark County real estate scene in quick fashion, throwing its first event in January of this year and second in May. KFA’s events, coaching, classes and resources are provided by the community, for the community and funded primarily by The Parks Team at Cardinal Financial. 

Press Contact [Dayton Parks, 360.903.1491] 

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