Jekaterina Beljankova: “The Real Estate Market Crisis Opens New Opportunities”

Jekaterina Beljankova
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The global real estate market is experiencing an unprecedented acceleration, with a projected average annual nominal growth rate of 9% over the next decade, according to studies by the Swiss Institute for Economic Policy and the German Institute for Economic Research. As the demand for qualified experts in global real estate rises, Jekaterina Beljankova, founder and CEO of WALLACE. s.r.o. in Czechia stands out as a beacon of success. Beljankova, a renowned expert in real estate investment, has not only won international awards but has also authored a book titled “Perfect Investing,” offering unique insights into her distinctive approach to business.

In an interview, Beljankova shares the inspiration behind the book, her views on the real estate market, and valuable advice for investors looking to navigate the dynamic landscape.

A Unique Approach to Real Estate Investment

Beljankova’s journey into authorship was motivated by her distinctive approach to real estate investment, which garnered international recognition. Her book, “Perfect Investing,” serves as a comprehensive guide for both industry professionals and novice investors, detailing market trends and business strategies for client expansion. The CEO aims to demystify real estate investment, making it accessible to the general public.

“I’m delighted to receive feedback from readers who feel encouraged to invest in real estate, realizing that it’s accessible to everyone and can build capital, like for retirement,” Beljankova states.

A Productive Year and Effective Time Management

The year 2023 marked significant achievements for Beljankova, including recognition at the Stevie Awards, Inc., participation in the jury for the Investment Leaders award, and speaking at the InvestPro Bosco Conference in Warsaw. When asked about her effective time management, Beljankova attributes her success to a well-structured company and efficient work distribution.

“It’s all about proper time management. My company is so well-structured that everyone focuses on their tasks, achieving a lot. Efficient work distribution significantly increases productivity,” she explains.

Insights Shared in “Perfect Investing”

Beljankova’s book not only discusses her professional journey but also shares her secrets and personal stories, including challenges she faced and overcame in her business. The book covers essential topics such as choosing partners, selecting properties, building client and bank relationships, and understanding buyer psychology.

“My business is built on a flawless model, providing everything needed, including renovation teams on request. Clients leave satisfied and often recommend us to friends, relatives, and colleagues. I detail my management principles and their effectiveness in my book,” Beljankova affirms.

Facing Challenges and Embracing Competition

The journey of writing the book was not without challenges, with time management being a significant hurdle. However, Beljankova emphasizes the importance of proper planning and flexibility in the writing process. As for sharing her professional know-how, she dismisses the fear of competition.

“Only a weak and insecure specialist fears competition. I’m confident in my profession and not afraid of competition. If someone does better, I’ll gladly acknowledge it and learn from them,” she asserts.

From Following Trends to Shaping Them

A decade ago, Beljankova was a newcomer in the real estate business, following existing trends. In 2023, she stands as an influential figure, shaping industry trends and earning recognition from the prestigious Forbes Council.

“Being accepted into this organization is a complete validation of my expertise, considering the challenging and selective nature of its membership, which is limited to only a few thousand globally,” she says of this significant achievement.

Navigating the Economic Crisis and Expanding Opportunities

Reflecting on the economic crisis’s impact on the real estate market in 2023, Beljankova acknowledges the market’s dependence on macroeconomics. Despite challenges, she emphasizes the importance of adapting and seeking opportunities.

“The crisis also opens new opportunities and markets for us – propels us. The real estate market crisis is changing the development vector of our business,” she notes.

Advice for Real Estate Investors

For those considering real estate investment, Beljankova advises a careful assessment of financial capabilities, studying the market situation, and finding a reputable broker prioritizing professionalism and client benefits. Her long-term perspective echoes the sentiments in her book – real estate investment is a business project spanning decades.

As Jekaterina Beljankova continues to influence and shape the real estate industry, her insights serve as a valuable guide for both seasoned professionals and aspiring investors looking to thrive in a dynamic market.

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