How V12 and Its Performance Systems Are Impacting Marketing for Real Estate Agents

How V12 and Its Performance Systems Are Impacting Marketing for Real Estate Agents
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For the better part of two decades, the central figure at V12 Performance Marketing Solutions has been immersed in the business side of things – twelve years in sales and a fruitful five years in digital marketing. With substantial experience and invaluable knowledge, they understand the nuanced processes of sales cycles and the essential ingredients necessary to nurture a lead effectively to its metamorphosis into a successful sale.

The expertise accumulated over the years, coupled with a dedicated team, has led to the development of an innovative and yet often underappreciated strategy. Their approach focuses on the strategic acquisition of qualified, in-market buyer and seller leads through the use of video ads. Despite the growing digital revolution, video advertisement remains a surprisingly underused marketing tool, one that the team at V12 has managed to expertly navigate and perfect.

More than just another marketing firm, V12 stands out for its results-oriented approach. Choosing to operate based on a performance model, they hold themselves accountable for the results of their strategies, reflecting a level of confidence and integrity that is refreshing in an industry often fraught with ambiguity.

“Being successful is a process, not an event” reflects the ethos the brand represents and also illustrates the journey V12 Performance Marketing Solutions has been on since its launch two years ago. Their partners include top real estate agents in the Chicago area and leading brokerage companies like Compass, Berkshire Hathaway, and EXP. These strategic partnerships, together with a relentless focus on performance, have led to impressive achievements.

Within a short span of two years, they have managed to triple the agents’ Getafe GCI, further cementing their reputation as an agency that delivers tangible results. A significant contributing factor to such success has been their highly strategic approach to lead generation.

The savvy team at V12 understands the fact that the modern consumer is inundated with advertisements and other forms of marketing. They have designed their video ads to not only sidestep this barrage of information but to actually stand out in it, attracting attention and piquing interest from genuine, in-market buyers and sellers.

Additionally, V12 Performance Marketing Solutions is highly selective, ensuring their ads reach only the most promising, qualified leads. They believe that just as being successful is a process, so is finding success in sales; it requires patience and precision. One should strike when the iron is hot, but it’s vital to first ensure that it is indeed the right iron.

To learn more about the remarkable work V12 Performance Marketing Solutions is doing, you can follow them on Instagram at @top.producers, where they share further insights and success stories. Their website,, also provides a detailed look at their strategic approach to lead generation, their impressive track record, and information on how they can partner with businesses to achieve exceptional sales performance.

In summary, V12 Performance Marketing Solutions is not just rewriting the rules of digital marketing but challenging the status quo with its unique strategies and commitment to producing results. With their years of experience, performance-based work models, and innovative use of video ads, they are rapidly making a name for themselves as the go-to lead generator for both top real estate agents and major brokerage brands. Indeed, being successful is a process, not an event, and V12 Performance Marketing Solutions is helping its clients win every step of the way.


Published By: Aize Perez

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