How to Choose the Perfect Partner in Your Property Journey

How to Choose the Perfect Partner in Your Property Journey
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Real estate transactions are often complex, confusing, and a time-consuming process to handle on your own. That’s why working with a realtor to turn your goals into a reality is essential. But not all realtors are made equal – when choosing your realtor, keep in mind these key factors.

Whether you’re buying, selling, renovating, or renting, beginning a real estate journey is a significant undertaking that can sometimes feel like a gamble. When it comes to any real estate transaction, the role of a skilled real estate agent cannot be undervalued. Jacqueline Lennon, owner of Sea To Canyon Properties, explains the key considerations to take into account when working with a realtor and how you can find a professional you can trust to turn your goals into a reality.

Simply put, a real estate agent is not just a facilitator of transactions but rather a key partner in helping you navigate the complexities of the real estate market. Whether you’re aiming to sell your home for an optimal price, striving for a swift transaction, or eager to have expert guidance to avoid any pitfalls, a reliable realtor can truly be your greatest asset. 

When choosing a realtor, there are a few pivotal factors that should guide the selection process. From experience and knowledge to trustworthiness, Lennon explores the qualities that make a realtor the right fit for your unique needs to ensure a successful and seamless transaction.

High Level of Emotional Intelligence

Realtors who wield emotional intelligence as a guiding force in their interactions with clients possess a profound understanding that real estate transactions extend beyond the tangible aspects of buying and selling property. They recognize clients as unique individuals with not only financial but also emotional needs, demonstrating a genuine curiosity that goes beyond the numbers on a deal. 

By delving into the small details of their client’s situations, emotionally intelligent realtors guide them toward decisions that align with their specific circumstances, fostering a sense of trust and rapport. These real estate professionals rely on their keen instincts to navigate the delicate balance of personal chemistry, acknowledging that the journey of buying or selling a home is inherently emotional.

Resolute and Relentlessness

Realtors who embody the roles of both creative financiers and unwavering advocates through every step of the transaction bring a distinct skill set to the table that transcends traditional real estate practices. 

A skilled realtor’s expertise will include an understanding of a wide variety of financing options, helping both buyer and seller, such as having the seller buy down points. This expertise in financing is paramount in a dynamic market, where the ability to adapt and optimize can make a critical difference in securing a deal. 

Relentless determination comes to the forefront in their commitment to maximizing returns for clients selling their homes. Whether it’s through negotiation strategies, market insights, or leveraging their creative financial expertise, a proficient realtor will work tirelessly to ensure their clients receive the most favorable outcomes. 

In the realm of home buying, this same resolute dedication translates into securing the best possible deal for their clients. Lennon explains, “When it comes to selling, it is still important my clients get top dollar for their properties. Even in difficult markets, I make sure to make things work.”

Lennon continues, “I work for my client’s goals, not my own. I understand that there are many different tax consequences to consider, so it’s important to understand my client’s goals before making any decisions. If they don’t want to sell their house right away, I’m happy to help them rent it out and find a way for them to save money or find an opportunity to make more money.”

Dedication and Full-Service

Every step of a real estate transaction matters. When a realtor is with you every step of the way, it’s often described as being a “full-service” realtor. This means they are committed to providing comprehensive support and guidance throughout the entire real estate process, from initial consultations to closing the deal. It implies a high level of involvement and personalized assistance from the realtor to ensure a smooth and successful transaction.

Realtors who focus on building long-term relationships with clients are often seen as full-service realtors. It’s about being available to provide expertise after the deal is done. Lennon explains, “If a client is considering a remodel to sell, they would call me because I know the industry and what people look for. A lot of people waste money on features that aren’t in demand. When the remodel is complete, I’m there to provide support in making the viewing process easy. This means helping with decluttering, staging, and sometimes even babysitting a dog when potential buyers come to visit!”

Lennon continues, “I want to be your forever realtor, not just someone that lists your house and disappears.”

In conclusion, real estate transactions are complex endeavors where the role of a skilled real estate agent is crucial. When it comes to selecting a realtor – never take the gamble. Ask friends, family, and colleagues for referrals. Read online reviews and be sure to interview multiple realtors before making a decision. From the importance of emotional intelligence to the resolute dedication of being a creative financier, selecting a realtor who possesses expertise and is committed to building a long-term relationship is key.


As a Real Estate Broker with over 300 completed transactions over the last 20 years, Jacqueline Lennon is among the most experienced realtors in South Orange County, specializing in residential listings as well as estates, probates and trusts.


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