How This Real Estate Investor Is Looking To Help Minorities Achieve Homeownership

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Rather than purchasing properties and renting them out to gain capital over time, Jones purchases properties and then sells them to the average, real people looking for housing. He has chosen to put people first and make home ownership affordable. Now, he teaches others how to do this same thing.

Jones has been a mortgage banker for over twenty years. Back when the pandemic hit, the housing market went insane. Because of that, many people could not afford to become homeowners since they were being outbid by $20,000 to $100,000. Seeing this made Jones want to start mentoring others on how to purchase homes. 

He created a curriculum to teach others how to create wealth and introduce renters to homeownership successfully. Jones created the course for anyone looking to purchase a home, specifically first-time homeowners. But this curriculum is also good for people who have been interested in the idea of real estate. Finding ways to sell properties to those looking to buy is great for those interested in real estate. 

How Jones Keeps His Programs and Housings Affordable 

Jones’ grandparents died renters rather than homeowners. He saw their hardships and decided to help anyone he could with his real estate knowledge and success. He wanted and decided to become a safe haven and resource for those searching for good information and customized solutions to purchase their homes. 

Tommy Jones acknowledges that many properties come from distressed situations such as deaths, diseases, divorces, and disruptions. Because of this, Jones tries to create a solution for them that has their best interest in mind. 

His curriculum teaches them how to sell, renegotiate their mortgage, and focus on flipping, financing, and rehab. Over the past 15 years, Jones has successfully bought and sold over 300 homes. In October 2022, Jones bought an apartment complex for 23 million dollars and a second one for 56 million. So he knows his way around real estate!

What’s Next?

Jones does not want to stop with just his real estate experience and curriculum. He actively seeks to build an education platform to empower communities of color in financial literacy through real estate. He wants others to realize that homes are one of the best ways to pass on generational wealth. “Everyone pays a mortgage; I just want to help you pay your own,” Jones said. 

Jones has a very specific idea of what success means to him. 

“Before I leave this planet, I want to have normalized conversation in communities of color around real estate and financial literacy,” he said. 

Jones believes that real estate should be the main vehicle for that idea. People cannot physically see the value of appreciation in assets, so being able to understand it fully can create wealth beyond imagination. Jones wants to teach others in need how to utilize real estate to reach wealth in more ways than imaginable. 

Tommy Jones is a proven RE Investor teaching others how to find, fix and FLIP their passion into passive income! #TalkToTommy about mentorship today. Contact him at:  or email him at

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