How REALQualified Has Helped Over 1,000 Real Estate Agents Across North America 5x Their Listing Appointment Flow through Cold Call Prospecting

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REALQualified started in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic to help Real Estate agents navigate the uncertainty those times brough to the industry. After setting hundreds of listing appointments for their first group of clients, they decided to scale the business across North America. To date, they are working with 1,000+ agents across the country. REALQualified implemented a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If they don’t get you the results they promise, you don’t pay.

In this article we ask REALQualified a few questions about their business & how they help individuals.

What is REALQualified?

REALQualified is an appointment-setting service. Whether you have a cold list of leads sitting in your CRM that you know need to be nurtured, or you’re trying to break into a new area and don’t have time to pick up the phone, REALQualified is for you. Coaches have been telling agents for decades to make their calls, but due to a lack of time, many agents struggle to keep up.

How Did REALQualified make a name for themselves in the Real Estate Industry?

REALQualified has made a name for themselves in the Real Estate industry by providing world-class service and top-tier results. Many companies rely on fancy marketing tactics and smoke & mirrors sales processes but for REALQualified, the results speak for themselves. During your initial call with the REALQualified, you’ll have the opportunity to listen to real calls made by their team.

How do you help individuals?

The service is simple. REALQualified picks up the phone and makes phone calls. Whether it’s expired listings, a database of cold leads, or just cold calling into a new market to generate new opportunity, REALQualified makes the calls you don’t have time to make. The true beauty of the service is that, regardless of the market, there are always people who will need to sell. Even when markets are “low on inventory,” REALQualified makes it happen by creating inventory, speaking to people who otherwise weren’t raising their hands to sell but find themselves in a position where they must.

What separates you from other agencies?

Most agencies in this space rely on automation and fancy technology. REALQualified believes that in a world of tech and automation, nothing will ever beat human connection – particularly in Real Estate. And most agencies who DO provide a similar service to REALQualified outsource their calls overseas. With RQ, you can rest easy knowing that their team is based exclusively in North America. Every call they make is made by native English speaking salespeople. You aren’t hiring an ISA – you’re hiring a team.

If you’re ready to take your real estate business to the next level with the power of human connections and guaranteed results, Contact REALQualified today and see how they can help you grow.

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