Experience, Excellence, and Lakeside Living: An Insight into Lakefront Mary St. George’s Stellar Real Estate Career

Experience, Excellence, and Lakeside Living: An Insight into Lakefront Mary St. George's Stellar Real Estate Career
Photo Credit: Mary St. George

By: Alena Wiese

In the picturesque Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York, Mary St. George, more affectionately known as “Lakefront Mary,” is a force to be reckoned with in the world of luxury real estate. With over 15 years of steadfast commitment to luxury and waterfront properties, St. George is trusted across several communities for her exceptional expertise, commitment to excellence, and unparalleled passion for lakeside living.

St. George’s reputation as a seasoned professional goes beyond the real estate transactions she facilitates. She has proven to be a prominent figure in the wider real estate industry, serving on several committees in the local real estate board, and providing her invaluable expertise at the state level. This active involvement has further cemented St. George as a player in the real estate community, a knowledgeable figure who juggles her involvement at both the local and international levels with grace.

Transcending local divides, St. George’s influence extends internationally. With her certification as a TRC (International Referral Agent) through ICREA, the International Consortium of Real Estate Agents, she exemplifies her dedication to her profession. Her membership in the Canadian Real Estate Board extends her reach across borders, allowing her to cater to a broad clientele and go a step further in providing unique and unrivaled services in the industry.

However, St. George’s influence isn’t limited to board meetings and contract signings. She extends her passion for waterfront properties beyond their physical confines, taking to various platforms to share her love for lakefront living and the unique lifestyle it offers. With her weekly radio show, “The Lakefront Mary Show,” broadcast on WYLF in Penn Yan, she educates and engages her audience about the intricacies of lakefront living.

Furthering her reach beyond her local community, St. George also serves as a host on the Emmy-nominated American Dream TV series. This platform allows her to showcase to a national audience the best of what real estate professionals across the country have to offer while highlighting her own expertise in the luxury real estate market.

These diverse roles blend seamlessly with St. George’s dedication to providing outstanding results for her clients. Whether it’s her intimate knowledge of the local market or her unwavering commitment to finding the perfect lakefront home that caters to her clients’ individual tastes and lifestyles, St. George is renowned for delivering results that exceed expectations.

Despite her remarkable accomplishments in the industry, Mary St. George doesn’t rest on her laurels. The journey to becoming the luxury realtor of choice is marked by constant learning and evolution. St. George’s intensive involvement in various marketing fields and her desire to complete tasks deemed unattainable characterize her attitude toward personal growth.

Management has been a crucial part of St. George’s professional journey, giving her the scope to be hands-on and involved with every detail associated with the processes she oversees. This involvement is testament to her belief to never take ‘no’ for an answer and to continuously push boundaries. It justifies her firm niche in the industry and ensures the continued growth of her reputation as the luxury realtor par excellence.

Underneath all her successful ventures and professional accomplishments, St. George’s passion for her craft remains the central driving force. This passion is reflected in every accomplishment she acquires and details her journey from the boardrooms of prestigious real estate associations to the heart of the Finger Lakes community. It rings true in her commitment to providing luxury homeowners the life-altering experience of living by the serene waters of the Finger Lakes region, all the while shaking up the industry and making a name for herself as “Lakefront Mary.” She is just a call or an email away. Interested parties may check Mary’s Profile at linkedin.com/in/marystgeorge, visit her websites at lakefrontmary.com or marysellsthelakes.com, or simply dial 315-719-8377.

For Mary St. George, the journey in the world of luxury real estate is far from over. Each achievement and milestone only adds to her dedication to make every homeowner’s dream a reality. With a track record of success, a commitment to personal and professional excellence and an undying passion for the lakeside life, “Lakefront Mary” is an assurance to anyone dreaming of owning their waterfront paradise.

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