Earn Passive-Residual Income As An Accredited Or Non-Accredited Investor With S.H.A.R.E Community Development Corp

Earn Passive-Residual Income As An Accredited Or Non-Accredited Investor With S.H.A.R.E Community Development Corp
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Calling all real estate investors, S.H.A.R.E Community Development Corp (SCDC) is revolutionizing the multifamily real estate investing industry. And it’s all thanks to Founder and Chief Visionary Officer Odell-Abdur Raheem. With the goal of creating new opportunities for real estate investors while giving back to the community, SCDC makes multifamily real estate purchase and investing easy by managing the entire process from A to Z for a hands-off, hassle-free experience. Now that’s a win-win-win situation. 

The demand for rental properties has gone up over the years with house price growth outpacing rental growth by more than 40% since 2015. Especially since the pandemic, individuals who locked in low interest rates aren’t giving up their homes which has led to a lack of inventory, higher demand, skyrocketing interest rates, and unaffordable home prices. 

The US is amidst an affordability crisis which has led more and more potential home buyers seeking alternatives to settle down with their families. 

 And where are families looking instead? Multifamily rental properties – a steady profitable industry for investors.

That’s where S.H.A.R.E Community Development Corp comes in, based out of Texas with expansion plans across the country. Founded by Odell-Abdur Raheem, who also holds the position of Chief Visionary Officer and Chairman of the Board, SCDC develops multifamily apartment communities that are under warranty, provide tax benefits, and have immediate equity for their investor-purchasers.  

Abdur-Raheem brings his 37-plus years of combined experience in real estate investment, construction, management, financing, and marketing experience to his unique company that seeks to help investors while, in the same vein, benefiting the community. 

“I have learned that the key to truly successful companies are PEOPLE and the relationships that you have or create with them,” he emphasizes. 

 S.H.A.R.E, which stands for Supplying Humanity with Achievements, Resources, and Education, revolves around the idea that the human being is the most valuable resource on Earth, more precious than all of silver, gold, platinum, diamonds, etc. combined. 

Abdur-Raheem coined this concept in the early 2000s which stems from his personal desire to solve problems for, and provide resources to humanity, understanding that this is the key to any successful company that is built on service and integrity.

“That’s why everything revolves around Supplying Humanity with Achievement, Resources, and Education,” he says. “If you can figure out a way to service the human being in a way that provides a solution to problems people face, then that’s how, to me, you become successful in any business.” 

It’s not every day you come across a company founded on a mission to do good for all those involved – investors, tenants, and the surrounding community – and if you’re reading this, that’s exactly what you’ve discovered. 

Abdur-Raheem understands the success of these development projects lies on the tenants – after all, they’re the ones paying the rent. He believes you have an obligation to the surrounding community, and rather than solely focusing on helping investors make a profit, he ensures his company takes into account the impact on the people and environment.  

“I chose the model of building using precast insulated concrete panels because they’re environmentally friendly and have so many safety features so if a disaster strikes, you’re safe,” highlights Abdur-Raheem. These panels are hurricane, wind, fire, flood, and earthquake resistant, so wherever the development is located within the US, it’s built to withstand the elements. 

All too often, money gets in the way of humanity, but Abdur-Raheem and his company SCDC build superior quality multifamily apartments, so you can feel good about your investment. Whether you’re an accredited or first-time non-accredited investor, SCDC makes it easy.

But how can the average person become an investor?

“We sell a package that’s about six and a half million dollars,” Abdur-Raheem explains. “Typically, to invest in that, you not only have to be accredited, but you also must have usually 20% to 30% down plus closing costs. So that’s anywhere from a million to a million and a half dollars to buy what we sell. I’ve reduced that initial investment and risk down to $10,000 by taking on some of the risks and partnering by carrying a 2nd lien as well as including a proprietary addition to our capital stack to essentially finance the investors 100% plus. At the same time, each Investor-Purchaser owns and controls their properties 100%.” 

Earn Passive-Residual Income As An Accredited Or Non-Accredited Investor With S.H.A.R.E Community Development Corp

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Multifamily is the most stable real estate investment because, despite the ups and downs of the housing market, rental properties are always in demand. These properties not only provide economies of scale but also a steady stream of income, an ideal scenario for investor-purchasers.  

“I look at the company as a problem-solving production company through the vehicle of multifamily real estate. I sought to solve the problems I experienced very early on as an investor and then later as a business owner. And I said to myself, ‘If someone had created something where I didn’t have to go through any of that, what would it look like?’” Abdur-Raheem discusses. 

Earn Passive-Residual Income As An Accredited Or Non-Accredited Investor With S.H.A.R.E Community Development Corp

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And what it looks like is a company that helps investors earn passive income with a hands-off hassle-free experience.  

SCDC does this by professionally managing the design, development, financing, construction, furnishing, tenants, accounting, and maintenance. And the best part? You can purchase a 5 building/28 apartment units package (a multifamily 4-Plex or 8-Plex building) with only $10,000 total out-of-pocket and SCDC handles all of it for you from A to Z!

Don’t just take his word for it, the Testimonials speak for themselves:

“The reason I am so excited about this opportunity is, the fact that as an investor, this is where you want to be. In a position to scale to this point. Without this opportunity, it would have taken me YEARS!!!! This is literally the best place I could have invested with and I am super excited to see the future!” 

  • David Newfang (Lancaster, CA)

Abdur-Raheem’s turnkey multifamily investing solution is a win-win-win-win situation meaning all parties involved are winning (you can say that again).  

“The first thing I looked at when I put the whole system together was to make sure the Investor-Purchaser is winning, the tenants are winning, the community is winning, and if all of them are winning, so is SCDC,” Abdur-Raheem expresses. 

With a low capital entry and a highly profitable yet passive turnkey investing model, passive-residual income has never been easier. 

Register to attend S.H.A.R.E. Community Development Corp’s upcoming Live, FREE webinar presented by Odell Abdur-Raheem. 

Visit their website to learn more. 


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