Dream Future Turned Into Reality: How A Young Couple Achieved It Through Dashdot

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Living life to the fullest is a common aspiration shared by all people. Everyone has dreams, goals, and desires that drive them toward making the most of their time. However, according to recent statistics, more than 9.6 million people in Australia earn below the national median personal income or are non-income earners. The data also found that $805 a week was the median individual weekly income for Australians nationwide. These numbers may not seem like much — especially given Australia’s current cost of living crisis. 

In the current economic situation, young Australian couple Von and Gersh realized they had to take action, particularly as they desired to start a family and fulfill their promise of providing a high-quality life. Von and Gersh reached out to the Dashdot team, who helped them achieve their dreams of freedom and better quality of life through excellent property investments.

The Hindrance to achieving Von and Gersh’s dream

Von and Gersh admitted that though they have big dreams and plans for themselves and the family they plan to build, they are hindered by financial restraints. However, instead of losing hope, the young couple decided to do something. 

Having ample basic knowledge of how the real estate market works, the couple recognized that building a profitable property portfolio is the way to achieve their dreams. They knew they needed reliable property investment guidance to ensure success and avoid investment failure.

As Australia’s property growth portfolio partner, Dashdot helped Von and Gersh every step of the way – from having the discovery call, to understanding what they wanted to achieve, to finding the right property – until they found the options that worked best for their goals.

Dreams Turned To Reality With Dashdot 

Dashdot is an ambitious, entrepreneurial-spirited group of experts that share the same mindset as Von and Gersh: to let the investments work as hard as they do. By combining their proprietary technology and advanced research, they provided the young couple with the best property investment options. Dashdot successfully secured not just one but two 

properties that achieved remarkable results. 

Von and Gersh’s first property investment at Epsom, acquired for $395,000, experienced a significant value increase. Within 37 months of purchase, the property value gained 56.71% or $224,000, which resulted in the couple enjoying a remarkable return on investment of 271.92%

Determined by their initial success, Von and Gersh continued to pursue their investment objectives, acquiring a second property at Ingle Farm for $306,250. Within 28 months of purchase, this property had already appreciated significantly, experiencing a growth rate of 123.67% or $378,750. The couple’s return on capital invested for this second property was an impressive and whooping 617.25%

The couple shared, “Dashdot is a trustworthy team to partner with on your property portfolio growth. They listen closely to understand our needs and quickly present back with great options. They’re open and transparent and go above and beyond what you think a buyer’s agent would do. With their guidance, we have successfully grown our portfolio, which we could not have done alone.”

Dashdot pioneers prosperity for all

Dashdot understands that, like Von and Gersh, many other young couples, professionals, and even established individuals aspire to have a future filled with freedom and flexibility. They believe the best way to achieve this is by making wise property investment decisions.

“We believe everyone has a right to a life of freedom, choice, and abundance. We don’t want people to have to work hard as a way of life. The goal of life is to live, and the world would be better if people were able to do exactly that. So we created an innovative way to do it through property investment,” explains Goose McGratch, Dashdot Co-founder. 

Dashdot also takes pride in basing their actions on reliable data science and analytics. 

“Our process at Dashdot is not about thinking about what we might know. It’s about being sure of what we know, thus pioneering financial flexibility for all, despite what they know, despite how the market performs,” Dashdot Co-founder Gabi Billing adds.

Von and Gersh’s success story is just one of many dreams turned to reality through profitable property investment done the Dashdot way. Many Australians share the dream of this young couple, and Dashdot is committed to continuing to explore opportunities and pushing limits to make financial flexibility accessible to all.

Making property investment easy 

Investing in properties can entail long and tedious processes that can be intimidating, especially for those without prior experience or knowledge of how things go. These processes can become even more complicated with the ever-changing and unpredictable landscape of economic and property markets. 

Dashdot assures its clients of a simpler and more efficient property investment experience through its top-tier technology and heart-centered service. 

“Most of the company’s innovations have been developed to make property investing approachable and simple to understand. As a start-up brand with a very strong and optimistic view, we lead with our results at the center of our communications. While our tagline, ‘Pioneering Prosperity’ may sound fluffy, the facts and results that underpin this statement embody this notion wholeheartedly,” says Jess Norton, Head of Marketing. 

As part of its exceptional service, Dashdot consolidates every aspect of its clients’ property investment buying experience. The property industry is still extremely fragmented, but Dashdot wants to make property investing as smart as its consumers. 

The Dashdot difference is that everything is streamlined, saving clients the hassle of coordinating all the moving pieces to secure investment properties and assess their performance. 

“We handle every step of the process, so all you need to do is review and sign. We aggregate over 40 steps from strategy, sourcing, securing to settlement into just one contact point,” explains Dashdot’s General Manager, Tim Keating. 

Dashdot’s proven growth and stellar portfolio testify to its excellence and innovations while putting the needs of its clients above all else. 

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