Dr. Sarah Sun Liew: A Champion for Education, Business, and Community Service

Dr. Sarah Sun Liew: A Champion for Education, Business, and Community Service
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“Shaping Tomorrow: Dr. Sarah Sun Liew’s Blueprint for Justice and Prosperity in America” is an illuminating exploration of the life and work of Dr. Sarah Sun Liew, a figure whose multifaceted career encompasses the realms of education, business, community service, and politics. Dr. Liew’s remarkable journey from her roots in An-dong, South Korea, to becoming a visionary leader in the United States embodies her relentless commitment to fostering educational excellence, entrepreneurial success, and community wellbeing.

Born into a family esteemed for contributions across various sectors, including education, politics, defense, and medicine, Dr. Liew was instilled from a young age with the values of education and community service. Her academic pursuits led her to earn a Master of Business Administration and a Doctor of Business Administration degree from Pacific State University, focusing on international trade, e-commerce, IT, and finance. She further enriched her knowledge with two post-doctoral degrees in biblical preaching and Christian sales, marketing, and non-profit management from Newburgh College. She also completed professional education courses at some of the world’s leading institutions.

Dr. Liew’s professional journey is as diverse as it is impactful. As the CEO of MPS Merchant Services Group and an ISO office owner, she has worked with Worldpay by FIS, the leading credit card processing company globally. Her entrepreneurial spirit also led her to become the CEO of Meridian Beverly Hills Realty and Management Inc., where she utilized her 26 years of experience in real estate investment and finance to support investment immigration initiatives, thereby contributing to job creation and economic growth in California.

Beyond her business and real estate successes, Dr. Liew has been a stalwart in the non-profit and religious spheres. As a senior pastor at Global Jesus Mission Church and CEO/principal of the Meridian Business Legal Investment Wish Foundation Inc. and Meridian Institute of Technology, she has played a pivotal role in educating the younger generation and supporting small businesses and job creation.

Dr. Liew’s foray into the political landscape, with candidacies for the U.S. Congress and Senate, underscores her dedication to effectuating broader societal change. Her platform focuses on revitalizing the economy, generating employment opportunities, and ensuring justice and legal integrity across the United States, aiming to fortify America’s position in the 21st century.

Dr. Liew envisions a future where justice and economic growth are intertwined, advocating for policies that bolster small business growth, enhance access to affordable healthcare, invest in education and technology, address climate challenges, and promote sustainable development. Her advocacy for criminal justice reform, emphasizing education and rehabilitation to reduce crime and improve public safety, reflects her deep commitment to societal betterment.

Despite encountering the challenges typical of a Korean-American woman navigating the male-dominated sectors of finance, real estate, and politics, Dr. Liew’s resilience and determination have been unwavering. Her story is a beacon of inspiration for aspiring leaders, especially young women and entrepreneurs, showcasing that dedication, vision, and hard work can surmount any obstacle.

Dr. Liew’s enduring legacy as an educator, entrepreneur, community leader, and political figure has not only earned her widespread recognition and numerous awards but also cemented her status as a champion of the American Dream. Her ongoing projects, including the development of 20 books and her active campaign for economic and job growth, continue to inspire and impact individuals and communities alike.

Dr. Liew’s commitment to empowering others extends beyond her professional endeavors. She actively supports various businesses, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and offers investor recruitment and education services to foster the establishment of credit card and real estate companies. Moreover, her legal and immigration service company provides a broad spectrum of services, further underscoring her dedication to facilitating opportunities and aiding those in need.

As Dr. Liew continues to advocate for education, entrepreneurship, and community engagement through her non-profit organization and church, her vision for a more just, prosperous, and equitable America remains at the forefront of her efforts. Her remarkable journey and contributions serve as a testament to the impact one individual can have on shaping a better future for all.

Those interested in learning more about Dr. Liew’s work and her upcoming projects or seeking collaboration can reach her via email at mgroupbh7@gmail.com or info@meirianwish.com. Dr. Sarah Sun Liew’s comprehensive approach to addressing today’s challenges while laying the groundwork for tomorrow’s success offers a blueprint for others to follow, making her a true architect of change and a beacon of hope for future generations.

Her ventures extend beyond mere business success, delving into the realms of technology and non-profits, where her initiatives underscore her commitment to educational advancement and entrepreneurship. This holistic approach to leadership positions her as a dynamic force reshaping the contours of the global business landscape.

Dr. Liew’s steadfast dedication to effecting social change and championing justice is vividly captured by several publications, reflecting her deep-rooted desire to instigate substantial positive transformations. Her efforts in enhancing education and propelling real estate innovations have been recognized too, emphasizing her pivotal role in driving economic prosperity.

Her narrative serves as a beacon of inspiration, illustrating her journey from educator to entrepreneur, underscored by a profound community impact, which celebrates her leadership and groundbreaking contributions to real estate and technology.

Acknowledged for her significant input in public policy and legal services, Dr. Liew’s multifaceted career epitomizes the essence of innovation, leadership, and unwavering dedication to the betterment of society. Through her diverse accomplishments, Dr. Liew emerges as a luminary, tirelessly working towards a brighter, more equitable future for all.

For those looking to learn more about Dr. Liew‘s initiatives, services, or to engage with her transformative projects, her team can be reached via email at info@meirianwish.com and info@drsarahliewforcongress.com.


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