Digital Realty Trust May Be A Promising Stock 2022 & Beyond

A data center REIT that offers investors growth, value, and dividends. What’s not to like?

You might be frustrated if you’ve been a shareholder of data center REIT Digital Realty Trust (DLR 1.85%); the stock’s fallen nearly 30% since January, leaving shares just 10% higher than five years ago.

We believe the stock is significantly undervalued & here is why: 

1. Digital Realty Trust, is the 7th largest REIT in the world & ½ of all REIT’s to have access to their own data centers. 

2. Digital Realty Trust has over 290 Data centers across the world, as a major data player in the modern marketplace they are certainly positioned to succeed in the future. 

3. The REIT also services companies such as AT&T, Adobe, & More. 

As the world continues to move digital, look for Digital Realty Trust to continue to grow and build its valuation in the years to come. 

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