Diego Torres-Palma: The Next Generation of LA Real Estate

Diego Torres-Palma
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Real estate is ultimately a game of risk management, and developers need to know how to anticipate, navigate and minimize that risk. In the aftermath of the pandemic and mortgage rates doubling in response to rising inflation, real estate developers have to be nimble and know how to react to the changing markets – they also have to be a dash fearless. Diego Torres-Palma is just that. He came to Los Angeles from Boston with a fresh approach to the commercial real estate market. In a town where it’s not easy to do, Diego is making his mark. 

Diego is the founder and CEO of Ventana Ventures, a real estate developer transforming the real estate industry into more than developing buildings — instead, he’s creating communities through his projects. A Peruvian-American who is a self-made success story has worked his way into transforming communities into better places for everyone. Founded in 2018, the private real estate and investment firm Ventana Ventures focuses on innovation through collaboration to identify opportunities for the company and its investors.

 Diego has found a market niche he could fill. Instead of looking for properties to buy, he looked for businesses to build. What Diego had in mind was instead of building something and hoping a tenant would rent it, he first finds his tenants and builds out his properties in a way that works for them. In doing so, he creates a sustainable tenant. This is contrary to what usually happens. On most occasions, people build and wait for tenants to come and rent the space, and the tenants come to check whether it fits their needs. Diego wanted to change the narrative and build properties specific to tenant needs. Ventana Ventures aims to eliminate building an asset and leaving it sitting on the market without earning revenue for the owner. They allow business owners who want to start a business a chance to build with them from the ground up.

Diego also considers whether the tenant adds value to the community or the market. “Because at the end of the day, successful businesses are successful because they’ve been accepted into the community,” says Diego, who founded Ventana Ventures based on this concept.

 Diego has become known for his developments on two successful breweries – Border X and Benny Boy. Commercial real estate allows him to impact more people than residential real estate. Diego explained it like this, “If I build an apartment unit of 40 or 60, it will impact up to 60 families, but through projects like the brewery, I can impact thousands of people in a short period. Also, opening a business helps create jobs and impacts more people. He says it shouldn’t always be about money but the legacy you leave behind.

 Diego also hosts a podcast – Startup to Storefront- dedicated to inspiring entrepreneurship. He has several projects in the works that will create jobs, enhance the communities where they are located, and further solidify his contribution to LA real estate. When I saw his mission statement, it all made sense. 

Founded with a fearless and forward-thinking spirit, we build community through inspiring and empowering entrepreneurs.”

Diego Torres-Palma is a rising star in the Los Angeles real estate scene. As the founder and CEO of Ventana Ventures, he is known for creating communities through innovative and collaborative real estate projects. Diego’s approach to real estate is unique in that he looks for businesses to build rather than properties to buy. He then customizes the properties to meet the specific needs of the tenants, ensuring a sustainable and successful relationship. Diego is leaving a positive impact on the LA real estate market and beyond.


In conclusion, Diego Torres-Palma is a fresh and fearless voice in the Los Angeles real estate market. His approach to creating sustainable and successful real estate projects through collaboration and tenant-focused building sets him apart in an industry that can often be risky and uncertain. In addition to his work in commercial real estate, Diego is also dedicated to inspiring and empowering entrepreneurs through his podcast and projects that aim to create jobs and enhance communities. With his innovative approach and commitment to creating positive impacts, Diego Torres-Palma is a name to watch in the world of LA real estate.

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