Cyberbacker’s Impact at KWFR: Real Estate Reinvented

Cyberbacker’s Impact at KWFR Real Estate Reinvented
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By: Nik Korba

The Keller Williams annual conference, also known as the Keller Williams Family Reunion (KWFR), is widely considered to be the real estate industry’s impactful training event. This year’s KWFR, which took place at the end of February in Las Vegas, Nevada, gathered more than 15,000 Realtors from around the world to explore the future of the real estate industry.

One stand-out topic that surfaced during the conference was the leading role that virtual assistants will play in the future of real estate. Cyberbacker, a leading global provider of virtual support services, spearheaded the discussion regarding ways virtual assistants are reshaping the real estate industry.

“By leveraging the power of virtual assistants, realtors can assemble talented individuals from all over the world who share their values and character to build a high-performing team,” explains Craig Goodliffe, CEO at Cyberbacker and Keller Williams MAPS coach. “Virtual assistants are a solution that empowers growth-minded realtors with world-class economic leverage to fulfill their greatest purpose.”

Cyberbacker serves a host of industries with innovative technology, unwavering dedication to client satisfaction, and a passionate commitment to social responsibility. Its virtual assistants — known as Cyberbackers — assist businesses with a wide range of tasks, from preparing listings to completing closings and everything in between.

Serving an Ever-evolving Industry

Cyberbacker showcased its cutting-edge technology by unleashing its telepresence robots at KWFR. These collaborative robots, sometimes referred to as “cobots,” give virtual assistance a physical presence in the businesses they serve by essentially serving as an always-on Zoom meeting on wheels, making it easier for virtual assistants to connect and engage.

“Cyberbacker’s advanced technology stood out in the realm of real estate support services,” says Mae P., Director of Expansion Compliance and Marketing at Cyberbacker. “The Cyberbacker robots roaming around and talking to people attracted a huge amount of attention. People couldn’t believe that a robot could be controlled by someone located thousands of miles away, but this demonstration only underscored the potential for virtual assistance to seamlessly integrate into realtors’ workflows without compromising quality.”

“Cyberbacker stole the spotlight by showcasing our robots and allowing attendees to interact with our assistants,” adds Jez E., the company’s Director of Client Experience and Education for Cyberbackers. “The response we received made it clear that the future is virtual.”

Offering a Risk-free Option

The Cyberbacker team also helped Realtors at KWFR by addressing concerns related to virtual assistance scams. Hiring remote employees, especially when they are located in another country, poses a data security risk that concerns many companies.

“It’s a narrative we have all heard,” shares Jez E. “Businesses lose data after falling victim to a scam carried out by someone posing as a virtual assistant, and virtual assistants are short-changed after delivering quality work by a criminal posing as a legitimate company.”

Cyberbacker assists businesses by conducting background checks and other due diligence necessary to avoid scams. Its comprehensive vetting ensures each one of its Cyberbackers is legitimate, committed to upholding high security and confidentiality protocols, and able to provide their services as a part of established legal entities in both the US and abroad that provide legal protection and safety assurances.

“The message we shared at the 2024 KWFR reassured realtors that legitimate assistants are available,” Jez E. says. “Realtors who are looking for transparency and trustworthiness in the virtual assistant hiring process will find it at Cyberbacker. We have an unwavering commitment to excellence in virtual support and virtual assistance that has led to our name being synonymous with reliability and integrity in the industry.”

Providing a Proven Solution

In addition to showcasing the potential of virtual assistants, Cyberbacker was also able to provide proof of the impact they are already having on the real estate industry. Its display in the KWFR exhibitors’ hall welcomed a steady stream of satisfied clients who stopped by to give a shout-out to their Cyberbackers.

The stories shared by those clients revealed the amazing impact Cyberbackers have had on numerous real estate businesses. One realtor explained that partnering with a Cyberbacker empowered her to grow her business by 200 percent in just over a year. Another shared how her Cyberbacker saves her well over 40 hours per week in busy work, allowing her to shift her efforts from working “in the business” to working “on the business.”

The message that emerged from the 2024 KWFR was clear: virtual assistants are reinventing real estate, and Cyberbacker provides access to the transformative potential they can bring in a way that is transparent, efficient, and reliable. By taking advantage of that potential, realtors can reorient their efforts in a way that opens the door to strategic growth opportunities.

Published by: Martin De Juan

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